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Podcast Rebellion

This is Red Cup Rebellion's podcast where Zach Berry, Nicholas Carr, and Ben Woodhouse talk about Rebel sports, the SEC, recruiting, and more. It's pretty good. Proudly sponsored by Davis McCord State Farm, SoLa, the Kelly English Restaurant Group, LB's Meat Market, Old Dominick Distillery, Wonderbird Spirits, and Clark Ford.

Podcast Rebellion: The Legal Gambling Counsel picks Week 4

Normal wear and tear is not slowing us down.

Podcast Rebellion: The Hangover Edition recaps the Tulane win

[heavy breathing]

Podcast Rebellion: The Legal Gambling Counsel picks Week 3

More chances to win money? Let’s go.

Podcast Rebellion: Previewing Ole Miss vs. Tulane

Our dear Twitter friend Fear the Wave is here to discuss this gnarly non-conference tilt.

Podcast Rebellion: The Legal Gambling Counsel picks Week 1

Lots of smoke being blown for no reason.

Podcast Rebellion: Previewing Ole Miss vs. Louisville

We brought in John from SB Nation’s Louisville site to preview Monday’s matchup.

Podcast Rebellion: The Legal Gambling Counsel picks win totals, Week 0

We’re all back.


It’s the franchise, boy, I’m shining now.

Podcast Rebellion: Fall camp, Power 5 favorites

We are making sweeping assumptions after one week. What could go wrong?

Podcast Rebellion: Greg Jones of LB’s Meat Market talks grilling, NIL

Fire it up.

Podcast Rebellion: SEC Expansion and Arch Manning

These two topics will be around for a while.

Podcast Rebellion: 2021 SEC West Preview

Also, conference realignment?!


Shawty what you drank?

Podcast Rebellion: Recruiting is picking up steam

Well, hello, buddy.

Podcast Rebellion: 2021 SEC East Preview

It’s pretty gross after Georgia and Florida.

Podcast Rebellion: Tucson Super Regional preview

Let’s go launch ‘em.

Podcast Rebellion: Ole Miss is still alive, two wins away from Omaha


Podcast Rebellion: Oxford Regional preview

Let’s get activated.

Podcast Rebellion: CFB Week 1 is too legit

And how will the Rebs close out the regular season in Athens this weekend?

Podcast Rebellion: Ole Miss baseball on host bubble and KENTUCKY DERBY

It’s make or break this weekend for the Rebs and we talk animal gambling with Greg Jones of LB’s Meat Market.

Podcast Rebellion: Can Ole Miss turn it around in the second half?

9-6 is nothing to scoff at, but there were some missed opportunities. Can they bounce back before hosting is announced?

Podcast Rebellion: Ole Miss still battling injury bug heading into weekend



Firskertaker and Hollywood join to talk about THE event this weekend.

Podcast Rebellion: Ole Miss baseball and life after Tim Elko

It’s not a eulogy. Not yet.

Podcast Rebellion: The numbers are on Ole Miss’ side

The Rebs are sitting pretty at 6-0 in the league. Can they maintain?

Podcast Rebellion: The time is now to stack wins

Also, the transfer portal is heating up for Kermit Davis.

Podcast Rebellion: The pressure is on this weekend

Is it now or never?

Podcast Rebellion: 2021 March Madness is upon us

Let’s break this down from a fundamental standpoint with Cool Nick, shall we?

Podcast Rebellion: Is Ole Miss a legitimate bracket buster?

Win or go home. Same song, different verse.

Podcast Rebellion: Ole Miss baseball has three weeks to “get right”

Minor setback for a major comeback, right?

Podcast Rebellion: Ole Miss is No. 1 for the first time ever

This looks like a special group through four games.

Podcast Rebellion: Ole Miss’ homestretch isn’t easy, but it’s doable

Win three out of the next four and you’re in business.