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Don't be the Andre of the Week; read this.

Did you graduate from an English speaking high school some time within the last few decades? If so, then you're likely familiar with George Orwell's 1984, in which an all-powerful dystopian state is able to control its populace via maintaining a constant state of warfare, paralyzing the citizenry into order and obedience via fear and hatred. One tool used to maintain this order is an event entitled "Hate Week," which allows the society's ruling party to identify their wartime enemy and, with much fanfare, drum up support for their own cause by rallying the ruled behind both fear and the exciting notion of an impending victory.

As Macbeth would describe it, is an act which is "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Considering that, please know that, with a few notable exceptions, we do not actually hate you. Red Cup Rebellion's HATE WEEK is not much different than Orwell's fictitious event of the same name. It is something we've done just about every week leading up to an Ole Miss football game for five seasons, with few being that much more significant than the next. The exercise is one of entertainment and excitement, and is a way for our readers (and our visitors!) to openly vent their pent up football fan frustrations, hopefully keeping them out of other more meaningful discussions.

It's also supposed to make people laugh.

Do not let your myopic arrogance delude you into thinking that this is especially directed towards you or your football program in any particular way or for any particular reason. Taking anything you see here as a personal attack, unless it is of course directed at you and said with malice, is foolish and a waste of your time and energy. If you are to comment and contribute to HATE WEEK, please follow the community guidelines to which you have previously agreed - with the exception of the rule regarding actually producing content that is relevant to or contributory to a larger discussion. This isn't a discussion. This is HATE WEEK. It is a place where people can, for the sake of saner, more level-headed discussion elsewhere, kinda be a jerk without making much sense of it all in the process. Think of it as an online version of The Purge. It's our one time and place to unleash our darker side so that the rest of our little corner of the internet can remain the place for, ideally, more clever and thoughtful Ole Miss fan interaction.

We at the Cup have been pretty good at self-policing these sorts of threads, but even then we do ask that you please flag anything that you feel crosses the line so that moderators may review for deletion. And, whatever you do, don't be the Andre of the Week.