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Food & Booze

Here’s a Q&A with a Georgia Tech blog that is less than confident vs. Ole Miss

Also the Varsity is not good, according to sources

6 things to know about a football game day at Ole Miss

The Grove has some quirks you need to know if you’re a first timer

How to make the most of your college football game day weekend at Ole Miss

Welcome to the land of the Rebels, Faulkner and some of the best damn food in the South

It’s back - the Ole Miss vs. Mercer drinking game

Plz drink responsibly

Tulane tops most desired Ole Miss road trip in 2023

Sorry Athens, the Varsity and Corey Smith ain’t it

Ole Miss Reacts: What road trip should Rebel fans take this year?

Road Rebels just built different

The Ole Miss 2023 baseball season is kind of like the MCU Phase 4

Obligatory Scarlett Johansson photo

What would you serve at your Masters Champions Dinner?

A tradition unlike any other

The Georgia Tech SBNation site has a Q&A before Saturday showdown with Ole Miss

Geoff Collins ain’t surviving the season

This fall it should be easier than ever to get a cold beer at Ole Miss football

Rebel fans should see faster service, more vendor locations

Throwback Tuesday: Which restaurant chain is your SEC team?

Arkansas is definitely a Subway inside a Walmart.

Happy Fourth of July from the Cup

May your pellet smoker be forever perfect

The Red Cup staff reveals its Masters Champions Dinner menu

Yeah, none of us are ever winning the Masters

Ruby’s Road Trip: Sugar Bowl edition

The Season finale in the Big Easy.

Ole Miss fan’s guide to best spots in Big Easy

Eat, drink, and be merry!

Ruby’s Road Trip: Stinkville Edition

‘Twas a wonderful Thanksgiving night.

Here’s what SEC coaches are bringing to Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

Ruby’s Road Trip: The Auburn Plains

A real ticket to Suckville, USA.

Which Halloween candy is your coach?

Mike Leach steps up to give diatribe on Dia de los Muertos.

Ruby’s Road Trip: Good Ole Rocky Top

No, I did not get hit with a golf ball.

B.T.C Old-Fashioned Grocery is worth the drive

Could this be the best restaurant in the ‘Sip?

Our wish list for Vaught-Hemingway Stadium’s new west side

Don’t we deserve all the nice things of this world?!

Here’s our Q&A with Rocky Top Talk

When your ex is in town but you totes don’t care...

Here’s your Red Cup bye week drinking game

Load up on crispy boys, it’s going to be a long day.

The RCR drinking game is back for Ole Miss vs. Louisville

Crack a Busch Latte and let the boys get buzzin’.

Podcast Rebellion: Greg Jones of LB’s Meat Market talks grilling, NIL

Fire it up.

Here’s a summer to-do list in Oxford

Here’s how to enjoy the the finer life of Oxford in summer.

It’s Fourth of July weekend

Fireworks and freedom, folks.

Ruby’s Road Trip attends first baseball regional

The hot dog is a sandwich, tbh.

Red Cup Rebellion gets in the poetry game

Bringing a taste of the finer things into your life.

Red Cup’s Masters Club dinner menu

Just like they do in Augusta, we also break bread among champions.

The mailbag talks grilled meats, hair styles

[opens bag of mail to reveal contents within, screams in horror]


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