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Ole Miss Rebels Football

What could Ole Miss’ 2022 defense look like?

There’s a transfer portal out there that can help iirc

THE SEASON: Ole Miss football - Mississippi State


Ole Miss now 8th in CFP rankings

Can we expand the playoffs immediately?

NFL Rebs Week 11: FORT KNOX

Injuries, injuries, and more injuries.

Ruby’s Road Trip: Stinkville Edition

‘Twas a wonderful Thanksgiving night.

Rebs add first 2023 commit

The Rebs snag the No. 1 player in Mississippi’s 2023 class.

Here are latest NY6 bowl game projections for Ole Miss

Will it be NOLA or ATL?

No. 9 Ole Miss secures the Egg Bowl, again, 31-21

You absolutely love to see it.

How to watch Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State and OPEN THREAD

Let’s ride, y’all.

THE SEASON: Ole Miss football - Vanderbilt

That’s a wrap.

HEI2MAN WATCH: A two-horse race

Matt might get to New York!

Ole Miss rises to 9th in latest CFP rankings

Rebels jump one-loss Oklahoma in latest rankings.

NFL Rebs Week 10: Elijah Moore is having a breakout rookie season

It’s his world, we’re just living in it.

What we know, kinda know, and don’t know pre-Egg Bowl

As we close out the regular season, we’ve got questions, fam.

Love it or hate it, Egg Bowl week is here

Winning is just fine, but losing is about as awful as it gets.

Ole Miss sinks Vanderbilt, finishes 7-0 at home in 2021

The Rebels have a short week before the Egg Bowl.

How to watch Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt and OPEN THREAD


What we know, kinda know, and don’t know with two to go

Are we finally running out of things we don’t know?

HEI2MAN WATCH: And then there were four

Not much pressure on Matty this week.

Rebels can make history with Vanderbilt coming to town

An undefeated home record and ninth win?

THE SEASON: Ole Miss Football - Texas A&M

No Kool-Aid for us, thank you.

Ole Miss No. 12 in latest CFP rankings

It’s crunch time.

NFL Rebs Week 9: Ejections, TDs, and defensive stops

It was a weird week.

Matt Corral named finalist for Conerly Trophy

I mean, c’mon, he’s earned it.

Ole Miss enters Top-10 in latest AP poll

The Rebels are on the move yet again.

No. 12 Ole Miss puts away No. 11 Texas A&M, 29-19

Defense?! Yes, defense leads the win for Ole Miss.

Here are RCR’s picks for Week 11 of SEC football

It’s "run the dang ball" season now.

Here’s who we DO NOT want to see on College GameDay

Plenty of options for this one.

THE SEASON: Ole Miss Football - Liberty

They had their hands full, but 7-2 feels good.

What we know, kinda know, and don’t know heading to the finish line

Three games to go? When did that happen?

HEI2MAN WATCH: Limping to the finish

It’s not looking too good for Matty Ice.

NFL Rebs Week 8: Rebs find the endzone, again

Turns out Evan Engram does have good hands.