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Red Cup Refill

Zach Berry and Grayson Weir re-watch past Ole Miss games (sometimes with special guests!!) and regale you with tales while drinking alcohol.

Red Cup Re(mix): 2005 Southern Cal vs. Arizona State

Let’s go back 15 years to see Yung Rat Poison cook with the Trojans.

Red Cup Refill: Ruby Draayer watches 2014 Boise State with us

Our newest blogging All-American is here to give her taeks.

Red Cup Refill: DeMarquis Gates rewatches 2017 Kentucky with us

The AAF and XFL tackling machine joins us for the Rebels’ come-from-behind win in Lexington.

Red Cup Refill: 2018 Texas Tech

"Oh, he hit him with the sauce."

Red Cup Refill: Ben Still rewatches 2015 Auburn with us

The Big Uglies’ ring leader returns to enjoy a nice road win on The Plains.

Red Cup Refill: Scotty Jimenez is messing with Texas on the Forty Acres


Red Cup Refill: Ryan Nanni rewatches 2008 Florida with us

SB Nation’s maestro is here to internally cry about Florida’s only loss in 2008.

Red Cup Refill: 2016 Sugar Bowl

The boys are back in town.

Red Cup Refill: 2013 Vanderbilt

Run, Jeff, Run!

Red Cup Refill: 2003 Auburn

Our favorite photoshop and film room son is here.

Red Cup Refill: The Gatorade Boys rewatch the 2013 Magnolia Bowl with us

The Gatorade Bath heard ‘round the world!

Red Cup Refill: Jaylen Walton rewatches the 2015 Egg Bowl with us

The Roadrunner gives us the inside scoop on the Rebels’ running roughshod on Dak Prescott’s senior night.

Red Cup Refill: Trae Elston rewatches 2015 Alabama with us

The heat-seeking human missile is in studio with us to rewatch the Rebels upset over the Crimson Tide.

Red Cup Refill: 2015 Texas A&M

The easiest 20-point win of all-time.

Red Cup Refill: Bo Wallace rewatches 2014 Egg Bowl with us

The doctor is in.

Red Cup Refill: Ben Still rewatches 2014 Alabama with us

It was a perfect day so former Rebel center Ben Still is here to relive it with us.

Red Cup Refill: 2009 Cotton Bowl

Enjoy this rewatch of the Rebels’ dominating performance against Mike Leach and the Red Raiders.

Red Cup Refill: 2015 Magnolia Bowl

Enjoy our inaugural episode of our new video series.


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