Who has a link to the bad spot gif from the alabama 2012 game?


The one with the moneybags and cash photoshopped in? I know I've seen it here.

Ross Bjork releases a statement on Tunsil investigation


"We went to work immediately on Thursday night and we have made a lot of progress. The facts are way more important than speed and a public display of the process. We are working with all parties to find an answer and a resolution."

Ross Bjork

Archie defends Freeze from cheating allegations


We can recruit because we've got a great head coach who's a good recruiter. And he's got a staff that feeds off each other. Their concept is selling Ole Miss, selling the program and maybe doing something a little different than what everybody else has been doing. People come here and experience game day and campus life, and kids want to come. That's the truth of the matter.

Archie Manning on the Paul Finebaum Show

Can anyone project a tentative 2 deep for next year?


Real interested in who is playing our safety positions. Big shoes to fill. We are going unleash CJ Hampton and the Moore boys on the SEC. EDIT: yes I predicted incorrectly that Tunsil would be back for the Florida game. I was wrong. I accept it. I'm moving on with life.

My ass

Switchblade explains why he transferred


It was a stress, man, because I was thinking about my mom and I wanted to practice plus I had homework on top of that. I told her I just want to come home and be closer to her so I won’t have to be going back and forth that far.

DeVante Kincade to The Clarion-Ledger

C.J. Johnson rips display of Confederate flags


"It sickens me when I see [a Confederate flag] on people's cars on campus. If you have the Confederate flag on your vehicle, you have a problem. And I don't care if it's socially what you believe in or it's morally what you believe in or you're just doing it for s---s and giggles. It's just the fact of what it stands for. It's almost like you might as well put a tag on the front of your car that says 'n-----.' That's really what it boils down to. You might as well just put a big tag on the front of your car or hang a big flag on the back of your car and just say the N-word."

Ole Miss linebacker C.J. Johnson didn't mince words when asked about race and college football.

Robert Nkemdiche says he's playing for the team, not his draft stock


We’ve gotten to the point where we’re playing for the person next to us. We’re not playing to go to the NFL. We’re not playing to be better. We’re not playing to be the top man or anything else. We’re playing to better ourselves so our brother can be happy, you know what I mean? It’s not like ‘I’m better than you,’ or egos involved. It’s more energy, ‘Let’s get a win’ kind of preparation.

Robert Nkemdiche via The Clarion-Ledger

Hugh Freeze: "It's time to turn...Treadwell loose."


We could have let him do some things in the spring besides some routes on there and all those things, but we didn’t. He’s ready to probably go and run and jump and catch balls to that he has his confidence come fall camp. He’s full-go now.

Via NBC Sports

Hugh Freeze says he'll talk with Chad Kelly Tuesday night


"The plan for Chad is a phone call tonight with him and his family, then I will take a couple of days and make a decision based on everything after the call."


Chucky Mullins Sign Destroyed on Ole Miss Campus


@OleMissPolice Any info on Chucky Mullins sign damage?

— Ryan Upshaw (@Whats_Upshaw) December 2, 2014 .

Could be an accident. Could be dumb vandals. Either way, put a new one up, and today, please.