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Coach Yo fires off at lack of fan support - is it spot on or tone deaf?

The Lady Rebs have become a winning program in front of small crowds

NCAA Womens Basketball: Mississippi at Georgia Mady Mertens-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin said Oxford needs to “catch up with the rest of the world” and support her women’s basketball team after the Lady Rebels won its latest home game over Florida on Thursday.

It’s become a tired sentiment as the program has gone from 0-16 in the SEC in Coach Yo’s first season to a Sweet 16 appearance last year. The attendance has slightly improved but lagged behind the men’s program - pretty much like it has always been in Oxford.

There’s some cliche about attracting flies with honey instead of vinegar that could be used here.

I’m not sure if lambasting the local community and students is the way to convince them to get into the SJB Pavilion for home games, but it’s also nothing new to hear this from the veteran coach. And when the program is winning, there’s plenty of leash to fire off like this, but if the tide turns, it can come off as making excuses when losses pile up. Coach Yo has to be careful picking these moments to fire away at a program that historically has not been a priority at Ole Miss for fans.

The ultimate way to get butts in seats though is just winning the biggest games on your schedule, I don’t care if its baseball, basketball or football. Ole Miss will support a winning program, but it takes more than a year or two of sustained success and some unexpected upsets to really get that momentum.

The Lady Rebs absolutely deserve support as it puts in the work, and Ole Miss is currently trending to be a tournament team again this season. On Sunday, the perenially tough Tennessee Lady Vols visits SJB Pavilion at 2 p.m. - it will be interesting to see if the crowd is any better after the blazing comments from Thursday night.