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Podcast Rebellion: Bama week is full of respect (wink)

JUCO All-American and Whiskey Wednesday talk (respectfully) about the Tide, and how Ole Miss matches up.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

The podcast is back for another week of talking about the dang Ole Miss Rebels, and of course it’s Alabama coming up on Saturday.

The top 25 matchup between the Rebels and Crimson Tide will kickoff in Tuscaloosa on Saturday at 2:30 CT and will be broadcast on CBS without the venerable and oft annoying Gary Danielson.

In the latest episode of Podcast Rebellion, your faithful hosts talk about:

  1. Takeaways from the Rebels’ matchups with Tulane and Georgia Tech
  2. Our impressions of the Rebels’ personnel overall
  3. Alabama’s struggles so far this year; what’s different about the Tide, and what will be the same?

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