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It’s back - the Ole Miss vs. Mercer drinking game

Plz drink responsibly


If you have followed this site since its inception, you know that for a time there was a weekly drinking game during some of the more sad years of Ole Miss football.

Why? Because well, we had to all keep ourselves entertained and buzzed. Welcome to Oxford, Ole Miss and being a long-maligned fanbase... until now, maybe?

I decided the Cup had to bring this series back this week, because this game isn’t even available without getting ESPN+ or SEC Network+ added to your streaming or TV package. It kicks off at 1 p.m. CT and Ole Miss is playing Mercer whose not really known for its football prowess or really anything.

Not everyone can make it to the Grove on Labor Day weekend, so there’s also a cocktail recipe with this post. It’s called the No Mercy, No Mercer.

No Mercy, No Mercer cocktail

1 oz honey (because bears)

1 oz orange juice

12 oz lemon juice

12 orange slice

double shot of bourbon

crushed ice

shot of club soda

Is this cocktail any good? Probably better if you just take out most of the ingredients except the bourbon and ice, but hell give it a ride and find out.

Without further adieu, pour a cold beer or a mixed drink and get ready for the rules...

  • Quinshon Judkins or Jaxson Dart scores a touchdown - finish your drink
  • Rebels first down - take a sip
  • Lane Kiffin throws his clipboard - take two gulps
  • Cedric Johnson sack - take two sips
  • Announcers talk about transfer portal - take a sip
  • ESPN includes a shot of Taylor Grocery - take a shot of Makers Mark
  • A Mercer fan flips double birds to the camera - finish your drink
  • Walker Howard comes in at QB with a lead - finish your drink, pull up Ed Orgeron’s Hummer commercial and watch it until Howard leads a TD drive
  • Pete Golding comes out of tunnel with Sperrys and no socks - clear out the liquor cabinet, invite over the neighbors, tell them he’s your cousin and drink it all while continually using the phrases “never lost a party” and “redshirt Miss Americas”

Drinks up. Cheers!