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Ole Miss Reacts: What road trip should Rebel fans take this year?

Road Rebels just built different

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

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Every year around early summer I try to figure out at least one road game to make a trip and see the Rebels invade an opposing stadium and send them home sad.

Some years it has ended in euphoria like the 31-13 LSU game in Baton Rouge where Peria Jerry ate an entire offensive line of Tigers and Jevan Snead dropped dimes on DBU’s head for 60 minutes.

Then other years there has been the trauma of going to Athens for a blowout loss or Tuscaloosa with brimming hopes only to be dashed by historical reality and a dump truck load of five star talent.

But the college football road trip remains as one of my favorite things about the sport without a doubt. Opposing fans getting really brave when they outnumber you 10 to 1 and yell crazy things at you for no reason other than the dri-fit you’re sporting. The ridiculously gracious opposing fans who invite you into their tailgate and feed you, because they are either just nice, hospitable Southerners or they deep down hope you go to a message board and post nice things about them.

Plus, there’s the nightlife, the new restaurants, all the bizarre traditions on display - it’s life in the damn SEC. This year it’s going to be a trip to Athens, because I mean, hell its the two-time defending national champions and why not see if Ole Miss can drop a turd in the punch bowl at Sanford Stadium.

Easily, there can be arguments made for Tulane, because its daggum NOLA and Ole Miss fans always travel well to NOLA. There could be some sickos who want to go see Hugh Freeze coach against Ole Miss again, I guess. The Bama game to me could be a good little trip, because the teams are taking a break from each other next season.

But the Egg Bowl has to rank last for me in road trips. It’s on Thanksgiving, Starkville sucks, and even if the Rebels win, you’ll probably get hit in the head with a cowbell or some dumb shit. Plug your answer in and drop a comment with the best road trip you’ve ever had for an Ole Miss game. Cheers!