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A closer look at the Manning Center drone tour

We caught a few things you might’ve missed.

Last week, the wizards behind all things Ole Miss multimedia released a drone video tour of the newly renovated Manning Center, which was the recipient of your basic $47.5 million touch-up.

In addition to showcasing shiny new objects, the video featured a few pretty sick audio twists based on what was on the screen. If the creators don’t win an Emmy, then we will give the Ron Swanson “awards are stupid, but they would be less stupid if they went to the right people” speech.

I mean, LOOK AT IT:

While it was nice to see what just under $50 million can purchase, it was easy to miss some things because of the speed of the drone at certain points. Fortunately, I don’t value my time and was able to run the video through a proprietary early August content super slow motion program.

With the video at such a slow speed, I caught a few things you might’ve missed on your first pass. Let’s start at the beginning, which placed us outside Vaught-Hemingway Stadium prior to shooting through the bell tower, over the stands, and through the concourse before going inside the Manning Center.

Zihuatanejo. It’s a little place in Mexico on the Pacific Ocean.

Somewhat related, I’d feel good about putting money on Matt Luke having caught a marlin in Zihuatanejo. Even less related, at one time, on the wall of the Mayflower Cafe in Jackson, there was a marlin* with a plaque noting it was caught off the coast of Zihuatanejo.

This stuck with me because I remember putting two and two together, and the response at the table was, “Now, what movie was this again?”

*Pretty sure it was a marlin, but my brain can’t confirm that because it needs to store important things like Nic Cage in ‘Con Air’ flying home on his daughter’s birthday, which was July 14th.

The Louvre

Only the finest art and film for our football program (PROGRUM).

Interior decorator to Lane Kiffin’s office STAT

For the record, this is what plays when you log in to the transfer portal and you’re waiting to get a match:

Again, somewhat related, I’ll bet they hired an ex-Buc-ee’s employee, trained in the art of hourly bathroom cleans, and that bathroom is an ELITE experience.

Taking care of Rebel

Good to see we look after our retirees.

It’s just a good movie

People in the building want to see it wherever they go. We’re hearing and seeing it more and more.

Gone but not forgotten

What a nice closing touch to honor a pair of legends.