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Lane Kiffin at SEC Media Days 2023: No Context

Getting the old gimmick out of the basement to see what the Ole Miss head coach had to say.

The 2023 version of SEC Media Days has come and gone, leaving thousands of words and statements for the masses to digest or mostly forget about.

As part of the service to our subscribers, we chronicled all things Ole Miss in Nashville last week and earlier this week. You can read about:

Given that enough time has passed since Kiffin’s appearance last week and most of us remember nothing because that is how life works in 2023, it’s time to bring back the No Context treatment to his time at the podium. For some of you, this may set off reminder bells in your head that I did this last year to blogging critical acclaim and prestige*.

*Is that true? Who’s to say?

If you’ve forgotten how this works, I turn on YouTube’s closed caption feature (this video and this one) and let it cook as Kiffin delivered his remarks and answered questions. While I didn’t hear any of the questions, I feel confident at least 42 percent of them weren’t questions but the ol’ “Talk about [insert talking about subject]” approach from media professionals.

As a reminder, YouTube’s closed captioning is not totally dialed in, so some things may seem a little off. With that, here’s Lane Kiffin: No Context at SEC Media Days.