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SEC Media Days 2023: Quinshon Judkins loves his mama and looks to avoid sophomore slump

The second year RB loves College Station too

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Texas A&M Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

If college football fans are honest with themselves, Quinshon Judkins was overlooked in having one of the best freshman running back campaigns in the last couple decades.

Rushing for over 1,500 yards and leading the SEC in broken tackles, Judkins told reporters at SEC Media Days he has focused on game tape, learning defensive shifts/schemes, and getting more involved in the passing game.

Quinshon on SEC This Morning

The SEC Network early show hosted Judkins in a quick interview before Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin took the stage, and he was asked about who is tougher on him come postgame - Kiffin or his mother.

Judkins said his mom is harder on him than Kiffin and tells him to juke one way or another on specific plays and is “usually right.” He said she also gives him touchdown celebration ideas showing she knows its not a question of IF he’ll score but WHEN.

“She knows first downs, touchdowns, everything, she is definitely my go-to after the game,” Judkins said.

The sophomore running back said the one thing fans would be surprised about with his head coach is that Kiffin doesn’t talk nearly as much as people would think in practices and meetings.

Judkins and the Rebels are facing one of the toughest schedules in the entire country, and a potential sophomore slump could be on the horizon as defensive coordinators around the country look to stop the Alabama native. When asked about the road trip from last season that stuck out to him the most, Judkins said College Station and Texas A&M was the clear choice.

“There was like 100,000 people and it was rocking, but after the game it was quiet,” he said.

The pressure and expectation for Judkins will be enormous going into the 2023 season, and its possible Kiffin and Co. will be looking for as many ways possible to not only get him the football but also take advantage of opposing defenses keying on the sophomore superstar.