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SEC Media Days 2023: Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin will be must see TV once again

One snarky comment may cause Twitter to fail

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

If you are anything like the usual rabidly obsessed SEC football fan, it’s likely you tried to watch at least some of the first three days of coverage of SEC Media Days.

This year the city of Nashville played host to “talking season” where head coaches along with a few players would answer the collective media’s questions about the upcoming season and whatever other weird stuff it wants to ask. For some reason, there’s a weird obsession with Nick Saban and what he does in the offseason with his wife, what he eats on a daily basis, and I guess reporters just trying to continue to convince us he’s not a robot part of SkyNet and sent here to destroy us all eventually.

There’s no doubt every Ole Miss fan will want to hear what coach Lane Kiffin has to say on Thursday morning, but there’s also very little doubt many other fans across the SEC and dare I say the nation will be tuned in or following social media closely as well. He’s the closest thing the conference has to the good ole days of Steve Spurrier stoking the flames of rivalry or taking a few friendly or not-so-friendly jabs at opposing coaches.

It’s frankly why some fans absolutely despise Kiffin and why so many just can’t get enough of the Rebels head coach.

Kiffin may be the last remaining vestige of when coaches just had a little fun and didn’t take this event quite so seriously. He is self-deprecating like in 2021 when he joked about losing weight - “I stopped eating and I’m going to start again when we play good defense.”

He also takes on topics like Name, Image and Likeness most other coaches have steered away from with essentially no comment. Last SECMD, Kiffin lambasted the lack of rules and regulation within NIL, promoted the idea of a salary cap, and said the new program legalized cheating and now the richest programs have a clear advantage in the sport.

What comes next out of Kiffin’s mouth is only known to him, and honestly I’d bet some of it will be off the cuff things he isn’t even planning to say on Thursday. And that is why he is must see TV when he takes the big stage in Nashville.

Ole Miss running back Quinshon Judkins, cornerback Deantre Prince and defensive lineman Cedric Johnson will join Kiffin in the media spectacle on Thursday. The Cup will have a breakdown on Thursday of everything said and what it meant as football season continues to creep closer to kickoff.