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Countdown to Ole Miss football: Remembering 92 players, coaches, and moments in Rebel lore

To pass the time, let’s play one of the best memory games out there.

University of Mississippi Ole Miss Rebels vs University of Arkansas Razorbacks Photo by Joe Patronite/Allsport/Getty Images

If you have not been counting down at home because, you know, we all have stuff to do, you should know we are 92 days from the 2023 Ole Miss football team stepping into the rectangular circle with the Mercer Bears.

The September 2nd game will mark the beginning of Lane Kiffin’s fourth year in Oxford, and what better way to celebrate that milestone than by the SEC scheduling it for a LITERAL FACE-MELTING 1 PM kickoff. If you’re planning to attend, you should’ve started hydrating* yesterday.

*This reminded me of the 2016 Georgia game in Oxford when it was unmercifully hot and humid, and the concessions ran out of bottled water. The lines to refill empty bottles via water fountains were so long that I remember filling mine with bathroom sink tap water. While it was barely cooler than room temperature, no intestinal issues occurred later, so I counted that situation as a win.

With 92 days until Ole Miss sports is back in our lives, we’ve got some time to run out. One way to do this is by playing Let’s Remember Some Guys, which started on the old version of Deadspin and is one of my favorite games when it pops up on Twitter from time to time.

If you’re unfamiliar and hate clicking links, the premise is pretty simple. You just remember some guys and, if you’re inclined, say some things about them. The one catch is you try to avoid popular or well-known guys that everyone remembers.

However, in the version we’re going to play, I’m going to allow a special exemption for remembering coaches and specific moments because I want to remember enough things to reach 92. Reading a list of 92 guys is a bit much to ask, but if we can add some coaches and moments, the remembering gets more entertaining.

Let’s Remember 92 Ole Miss Football Guys/Coaches/Moments

Lionel Breaux

Gilbert Peña
(extreme Houston Nutt voice: Gilbert Pee-nuh)

LJ Taylor

Reagan King

David Cutcliffe issuing a Code Blue
(I have no proof, but I feel certain the record after a Code Blue declaration was 0-name your number)

Randall Mackey

1994 Interim Head Coach Joe Lee Dunn

Lawrence Adams

Germaine Kohn

Brishen Matthews

Rodney Scott

Mike Marry

Mario Hill

Justin Sawyer (RIP)

Doug Buckles

Eric Oliver

Charles Sawyer

2007 Interim Head Coaches Hugh Freeze and John Thompson
(for like 3 days before Houston Nutt was hired)

Terrell Brown

Wayne Dorsey

David Cutcliffe winning his first regular season game 3-0 over Memphis
(also one of the hottest games I’ve ever been to, and it was at night!)

David Cutcliffe losing his first SEC game 37-34 to Vanderbilt at home

David Cutcliffe beating Tulane 20-13 at home in his sixth game

Chief Brown

Patrick Junen

Lakia Henry

Hal Northern

Sincere David

Tyrrell Pigrome

Orlando Umana

DeSanto Rollins

Quintavius Burdette

Kailo Moore

Kailo Moore recovering the Alabama fumble on a kickoff to set Ole Miss up for the winning score in 2014
(he is one of the finest Americans)

Gary Wunderlich

Gary Wunderlich getting ejected in the 2014 Memphis game for fighting

Richie Contartesi

Syniker Taylor

Daytime fireworks

Daytime fireworks knocking out the power at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

Daytime fireworks knocking out the power at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on the way to losing 44-8 to Arkansas

Russ Shows

Tom Luke splitting time with Russ Shows at quarterback and running the option

Tony Bridges

Detric-Bing Dukes

Josiah Coatney

Charles Wiley

Herbert Moore

Alex Weber

Taz Zettergren

The 2019 Egg Bowl when every player on both teams got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at the same time

Billy Brewer’s red pants

Dou Innocent

Jesse Grandy

Billy Tapp

Zack Stoudt

Robert Lane

10,000 people in the stands for Ed Orgeron’s 38-31 win over Northwestern State in 2007

Ed Orgeron’s patented tackle-to-the-ground scrimmages during a weather delay against Wake Forest

Nathan Stanley

Walt Hill

Justin Coleman

Ta’Boris Fisher

Andre Rone

Timothy Strickland

Beating VMI 31-7 in 1997 in the last game Ole Miss played at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Jackson

John Fourcade

Tyji Armstrong

Alundis Brice

Donald Juneau

Anthony Magee

Rob Robertson

Gerald Harris

Cordera Eason

Markeith Summers

Brian Lee

In 1997, surviving a 2-point attempt by UCF quarterback Daunte Culpepper, who tripped over his lineman’s foot, allowing Ole Miss to win 24-23

Al Rice

Kerry Johnson

David Morris

Boyd Kitchen

Daverin Geralds

John Jerry

Chad Brown

Kendrick Clancy

In 1998 against Arkansas in Fayetteville, Tommy Tuberville giving a pre-game speech that was on the Jefferson Pilot broadcast (vaya con, Dios, low-budget overlord), and he ended it with “nothing stinks like a wet hog” (it was cold and pouring rain). Ole Miss lost 34-0.

Fadol Brown

Woodrow Hamilton

Carlisle Magee

Morris Scott

Andre Harrison

Kelvin Pritchett, who wore number 92