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Turning AI loose to create Ole Miss art

We look to our eventual artificial intelligence overlords to portray Ole Miss as best as the algorithms understand it.

As artificial intelligence makes its push to take over all things, we at Red Cup Rebellion have been at the forefront of sites giving it a chance to do just that and make us useless to SB Nation. A few weeks ago, I used ChatGPT to analyze Ole Miss sports, which it did with large degrees of vagueness, some sass, and moments of accuracy.

From its answer about whether Elijah Moore’s fake pee in the 2019 Egg Bowl cost Matt Luke his job:

The athletic department and fanbase may have viewed the 2019 season as a disappointing one, and could have been looking for a change in leadership.

That being said, the fake pee incident certainly didn’t help Matt Luke’s case...


Given the godfather of artificial intelligence has said he’s concerned with how fast it’s developing and how ripe it is for abuse from the worst people out there, is introducing more AI via this site a good idea? Probably not! But the smart decision doesn’t take into account it’s a Friday in May and Ole Miss sports are not exactly piquing interests.

For this exercise, I primarily used Microsoft Bing’s version of an AI image generator, although there are a couple images from other sites (I, a responsible person, lost those links, but they are the free ones that appear first in a search). My choice for Bing came down to me discovering I already had an account (maybe through XBox?), and it was free.

If you’re unfamiliar with how AI image generation works, like ChatGPT, you give it a prompt, which is a description of what you want, and it spits something out in about 30 seconds to a minute.

You’ll see that I’ve broken the images into categories, with some explanations and responses to what AI created. As a heads up, things get WEIRD.

Lane Kiffin

For whatever reason, I had the image in my head of Kiffin kneeling in a praying position on the sideline during the 2021 Arkansas game where Ole Miss had to survive a two-point conversion attempt with no time left to win.

AI took that thought and returned a portrait of Kiffin praying (in a suit and wearing a bizarre ring) at the training camp in Remember the Titans and one of him doing so in the style of a Daniel Moore Alabama print.

Note the double Swoosh on both shoes in the second image. Nike is taking notes.

And just because, here is a Kiffin at a regional airport, giving off huge “lived 5 years in a 4-day weekend” vibes.

Recapping the Cancelled Morgan Wallen Show

HAUNTING. And clearly, the AI does not understand the logistics of Vaught-Hemingway stadium.

Now let’s see how AI visualized what Wallen was likely doing during the events that led to the cancellation.

I was expecting lively partying rather than sad, what is my life drinking. Probably thinking about one of his hits that he would give a piece of his soul to never sing again.

Rebel the Bear and Tony the Landshark Posing with Obi-Wan Kenobi at the End of Return of the Jedi

Nailed it.

Of note:

  • Shark ears
  • The shark has seen some stuff, man
  • Hand/fin and lightsaber PLACEMENT
  • The bear has no idea what to do with his hands/paws
  • The bear is also possibly constipated
  • Unclear if Darth Vader is wearing a $550 designer cloak that says “UH” as some sort of cultural commentary, or he’s repping the University of Houston

Anyway, let’s try that again.

Outside of the red star, which is there because AI maybe thinks communism is somehow involved, it’s pretty close!

Jaxson Dart Goes Hog Hunting with His Offensive Line

If you recall when Dart transferred to Ole Miss, Caleb Warren and some offensive linemen took him hog hunting. The Instagram post only documents things after the hunt, so we don’t know what the hunt looked like. Fortunately, AI has an idea.

Normal hog hunt. I assume they all look like this.

Defensive Coordinator Pete Golding Goes to a Widespread Panic Show

Before we go on, let me tell you that AI has no idea who Pete Golding is. I tried two different prompts and in different styles, and AI was dead set on this being his look, which I’m not against him adopting.

The second image is the visual equivalent of someone saying, “Bro, the 14-minute live version is so, so, so much better than the 5-minute studio version.”

Quinshon Judkins Heisman Campaign Poster

10/10. No notes. PRINT THE POSTERS.

(but fix his face and number)

3D Renderings of the 3 Cadens

As the nation’s leading roster of Cadens, Ole Miss needs to celebrate the high percentage of Cadens (Costa, Davis, and Prieskorn). I’m just spitballing here, but maybe a giveaway of these figures to the first 5,000 fans at one game.

Obviously, we need to figure out the hand situation, holding footballs with elbows, and the double football grab on the left in the second rendering. Not real sure how we got there. Nevertheless, let’s get the Day of Cadens in the works.

Vincent Van Gogh, What’s It Like in the Transfer Portal?

This painting bumps Starry Night into the TRASH category.

Ole Miss: Future UEFA Champions League Winners

SOCCER: UEFA Champions League Final-Manchester United vs FC Barcelona GEPA/USA TODAY Sports

The prompt for this was something like “Lane Kiffin hoisting trophy in celebration in a futuristic setting” and, instead, we got “guy in a futuristic stadium Walmart holding a trophy while having the flexibility of the Tin Man and finger strength of a free solo climber.”

Rebel the Bear: I Will Remember You

Not exactly what I was going for. Instead of being in a sad Sara McLachlan pet adoption commercial, Rebel is in Ken Burns’ The Civil War documentary, with the voice over recalling a family anecdote right before saying he was killed at Shiloh. Given the name and school, a pretty dialed in assessment from AI.

Let’s try again.

Well, instead of being in a documentary, Rebel is now in Antifa. This picture was taken shortly after he returned from the Southaven Public Library where he cut out reference book pages Andy Dufrense-style and inserted one (1) Bud Light can in each book.

French Impressionists, Paint Vaught-Hemingway Stadium at Sunset, You Cowards

Thinking about Monet, Renoir, and Degas eating Chevron for the first time, swearing off France, renting a house on South 16th Street, and becoming townies due to their pizza stick addictions.