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How does Georgetown transfer Brandon Murray fit in?

Georgetown sucked, but Murray did not.

NCAA Basketball: St. John at Georgetown Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Georgetown sophomore Brandon Murray, a small forward, has announced he will transfer to Ole Miss as Chris Beard’s first portal commitment. It has taken longer than most expected, and the first transfer isn’t incredible, but he’s a solid piece to join the team.

The 6’5” Murray averaged 13.7 points per game last season on nearly 40% shooting overall and 32% from three. He wasn’t very efficient at Georgetown as a shooter, but it can be tough to maintain focus and composure when your team is in the midst of going 7-25. He was the #80 overall player in the country coming out of high school, originally signing with Will Wade’s LSU, where he spent his first season. While at LSU, he had an up and down freshman year but did start as a true freshman for a team that made the tournament. He had a rough game against Ole Miss but did appear to play well in big games.

Murray is very athletic, as you can tell because he was able to do this....

Piecing together a roster at this point is kind of impossible, as the only players confirmed to be taking a scholarship at Ole Miss next season are Jaemyn Brakefield, TJ Caldwell, Rashaud Marshall, and Murray. If we assume Matthew Murrell will come back, which seems pretty likely, we see a very rough outline of what the team could look like though.

PG: Transfer and/or Amaree Abram

SG: Matthew Murrell

SF: Brandon Murray

PF: Jaemyn Brakefield

C: Transfer or Rashaud Marshall

Obviously there’s a ton more work to do. Ole Miss needs to find a myriad of both starters and backups in the portal (or high school recruiting I guess). Murray helps make the picture a bit clearer though.