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One name keeps popping up in the Ole Miss coaching search - does Chris Beard deserve a second chance?

Beard may not even want to be at Ole Miss, but some boosters seem interested

Jimmy V Classic - Illinois v Texas Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

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It’s a pretty simple question for Ole Miss fans. Should the Rebels basketball program go after and hire the maligned former Texas basketball coach Chris Beard?

Clearly, his past programs have been winners, but it might have been easier to recruit before allegations of his off the court misconduct arose. There’s always a chance he will get another head coaching job down the road, but the night in question regarding abuse allegations from his fiancé occurred in the last several months.

Yes, no charges were brought against the coach, but Texas’ athletic director put it very plainly and simply that coaching at this level is a very high privilege and one Beard no longer was allowed.

So should Ole Miss take a chance or could there be another candidate just as talented who would come to Oxford with less baggage?