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Want to watch Ole Miss baseball this weekend? You’ll need this streaming service

Yeah, it will probably cost you money to watch these games

2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Baseball Championship Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The defending national champion Ole Miss baseball team will be streamed live on Big Ten+ this weekend as it plays Maryland, Nebraska and Minnesota.

Starting Friday, the Rebels (7-2) will be in the arctic landscape of the midwest where Miller Lite flows like wine and the women flock like, um, wait, I think they just stay inside large malls because its cold and disgusting outside - Minneapolis, Minn.

If you don’t think Minnesota in March sounds like a great road trip, you, yes you Ole Miss fan, are in luck as the powers that be at the Big Ten Network will be streaming the games on the Big Ten+ app. The key here is if you want to get all the games for the lowest price, you’ll want to subscribe specifically to Minnesota for one month for $9.99, and then cancel it I guess on Monday or next week.

So, all in all, it’s a pretty cheap pay-per-view for three games, or you can stream every game of the Cambria College Classic at US Bank Stadium. First pitch for Ole Miss and Maryland on Friday is 3 p.m. CT, and signing on to a new subscription only takes a couple minutes from my experience. I plan on casting the games to the outdoor TV on Saturday and Sunday when things warm up, have several American lagers, and hoot and holler at the screen.

One thing that could be jarring for fans who haven’t seen already is the field Ole Miss will be playing on this weekend. You need to see this before you flip on the broadcast, because it is so ugly it might be beautiful.

Fingers crossed Tywone Malone gets a start, sees the hash marks rounding third base, and plows through a catcher sending him into the shadow dimension.

We’ll have an update later Friday with the lineup and batting order as usual, but if you want to watch the Rebs this weekend, it’s time to pay up.