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Lane Kiffin, Hugh Freeze, and hoodies with hidden meanings

If Hugh Freeze’s WAP hoodie was real, we take some guesses at what he and Auburn Men™ thought it meant.

Mississippi State v Ole Miss Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

On Thursday morning, what’s left of the dysfunctional husk of Twitter was elated over the possibility that Auburn head coach Hugh Freeze appeared on a podcast livestream while wearing a hoodie with “WAP” in an Auburn-themed SEC logo.

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin was one of those who took note of this wet-ass development and asked Freeze if he knew what it stood for.

Unfortunately for everyone, the art above was not real, but the work of an unnamed photoshop hero. The actual hoodie Freeze wore on the Crain & Company podcast looked like this:

Okay, Freeze did look like that and his hoodie had “WAR” on it (as in War Eagle), but maybe I changed the other three guys on the podcast. Maybe.

Related, maybe this is the plane and tail number he uses to recruit.

Again, who knows.

The point I’m getting at, other than Auburn ripping off Ole Miss’ idea for the SIP hoodie seen above, is that Kiffin raised an interesting question. If the WAP hoodie was real, what would Freeze and assorted Auburn Men™ think or claim it meant because none of those corncobs know what it stands for without googling* or asking a message board.

*The googling would expose them to a search result from Urban Dictionary, inspiring a separate search in which they try to determine if visiting that site makes them Antifa.

So what would Freeze and company think WAP stood for? After spending some time in the Auburn Man™ mindset, here are the most likely outcomes:

  • We All Paul
  • Wild Area Protestant
  • We All Police
  • We All Prayin’
  • What Are Papayas
  • We Act Pentecostal
  • Wild-Ass Preachin’
  • We All Peter
  • Winning Avoids Putsch
  • Wildin’ All Passover
  • We Annihilate Pot Pies
  • Would Accost Pence
  • We Amaze People
  • We Amazing People
  • We Avoid Progressives
  • Work Against Pagans
  • We Adore Philippians
  • Who Adores Payouts
  • We Ain’t Penitent
  • We Abridged Philemon
  • We Always Partakin’
  • Win At Plains
  • Wrong-Ass President
  • Wildly Awaiting Papa Johns
  • We Accredited Partially