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Ole Miss makes a huge jump in latest NET rankings

Being 9-0 is apparently a good thing

NCAA Basketball: Mount St. Mary’s at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

After hanging on to beat UCF in Orlando, Ole Miss moved up in the latest NET rankings from No. 84 to No. 61 with its 9-0 start to the season.

The NET rankings are one of the key indicators the NCAA Selection Committee uses to select the 68 teams that qualify for the end of the season tournament. It is a very fluid ranking system that has large changes early in the season and smaller changes later on as the resume of teams comes clearly into picture.

The good news for Ole Miss is most teams in the SEC who make up the bulk of the schedule are all in the top 100 giving the Rebels and the rest of the conference plenty of opportunity to improve its metrics. When the rankings first debuted shortly after a thrilling win over Memphis, the Rebels barely cracked the top 100 but have quickly moved up with more wins.

Here is how the rest of SEC ranks as of 12/11/23:

  • No. 10 Tennessee
  • No. 11 Alabama
  • No. 22 Auburn
  • No. 23 Texas A&M
  • No. 28 South Carolina
  • No. 30 Mississippi St.
  • No. 39 Kentucky
  • No. 43 Florida
  • No. 61 Ole Miss
  • No. 91 Missouri
  • No. 103 Arkansas
  • No. 129 Georgia
  • No. 184 LSU
  • No. 279 Vanderbilt

The other part of this formula to keep an eye on is teams who have lost to Ole Miss. Right now, Rebels fans want to be pulling for Memphis and NC State to win as many games as possible to continue raising its profile in the process. Right now, the Tigers come in at No. 40 and the Wolfpack at No. 53 in the NET.

So a lot of these rankings probably don’t make a lot of good logical sense, but the close wins at home by the Rebels to teams like Temple (No. 149), Sam Houston St. (No. 171), and Detroit Mercy (No. 349) have a lagging effect. The wins don’t weigh nearly as heavy, because they were close and also the competition was lacking.

The not great news in the next four games to round out non-conference play Ole Miss will play Cal (No. 243), Troy (No. 226), Southern Miss (No. 252) and Bryant (No. 193).

The Cup will continue to have NET rankings updates each Monday to keep an eye on the NCAA bracket. The latest Bracketology from ESPN (12/5) puts the Rebels in the First Four Out with obviously a lot of games still left to play.