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Ole Miss Inches Up College Football Playoff Rankings.

Lane Kiffin continues to keep the Rebs in the national conversation at 8-1.

Texas A&M v Ole Miss Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

The 8-1 Ole Miss football team came in at #9 in the latest edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings, inching up one spot from last week. The Rebs jumped Oklahoma, after last week’s #9 team lost to Oklahoma State. The top four teams in this week’s rankings held firm from last week, with Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan, and Florida State currently claiming spots in the College Football Playoff.

In fact, Oklahoma’s loss was the only game that affected the top 10 from last week, as Washington, Oregon, Texas, and Alabama slotted in at nos. 4-8. Just behind Ole Miss, 8-1 Penn State moved up to #10, followed by Louisville, Oregon State, Tennessee, Mizzou, and Oklahoma State rounding out nos. 11-15.

Obviously, these rankings will be shaken up several times in the next few weeks. On Saturday, Ole Miss of course travels to Athens to face #2 Georgia, and #3 Michigan faces #10 Penn State. Washington faces a dangerous Utah team, and Tennessee squares off with Mizzou to likely determine who finishes second in the SEC East. Oregon plays a wounded-but-dangerous USC, and Florida State plays a decent Miami squad, while Ohio State, Texas, and Alabama have what should be pretty manageable games against Michigan State, TCU, and Kentucky, respectively.

For Ole Miss, facing a likely loss at the hands of probably the most talented team in the country this weekend, the question then becomes: how high can the Rebs climb the last few weeks of the season? A 10-2 Lane Kiffin squad probably ends up inside the top 15, with the potential for a top 10 finish with a big performance in a bowl game.