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Rebels push past Aggies with fourth quarter touchdown to move to 8-1

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NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Lane Kiffin was not doling out coachspeak when he said Texas A&M would be huge challenge and had an extremely talented roster.

Ole Miss piled up more than 500 yards of offense including a career day from Tre Harris and needed every damn bit of it to beat the Aggies, 38-35. Shout out Chucky Mullins.

TAMU had a chance in the final seconds to tie the game, but Zxavian Harris (see: so damn tall he looks like the Little Rascals trying to take out a loan at a bank) tipped the field goal attempt to seal the victory.

Jaxson Dart went 24 of 33 passing for 387 yards and two touchdowns, and his primary target most of the day who was Moss’ing defenders and provding Sportscenter with 2-3 minutes of content was Tre Harris (11 catches, 213 yards and a touchdown). Harris became only the sixth Rebel to get more than 200 receiving yards in a single game.

From the stands as a fan, it seemed at times like this game should have been a blowout. Ole Miss briefly went up 21-0 before a holding penalty brought back a touchdown, and then two more penalties and a blocked FG returned for TD later it was 14-7 in the second quarter. That one special teams touchdown seemed to spark the Aggies and give them life - I really think if Ole Miss had gone up 21-0 things would have gotten ugly.

Quinshon Judkins was a stud as usual in a massive SEC game going 102 yards and three touchdowns. Judkins is now second all time in rushing touchdowns (28) and fifth all time in rushing yards (2,360) at Ole Miss.

Jimbo Fisher and the Aggies now sit at 5-4 overall, and there’s undoubtedly some heavy wallets in oil country crunching numbers as to how the program can afford to keep him as its head coach. If I’m Fisher, I’m anxiously awaiting the wire bank transfer of $70M or whatever ungodly amount of money it is to come through, so I can buy an island and drink margaritas for the rest of my days.

The game seemed personal for both sides, but the Aggies had moments of lost composure including a lowblow from Shemar Turner which got him ejected.

Look, I don’t care what happened or what was said previously, you don’t go full Ric Flair on another man’s twig and berries. Just straight up low tier move. Based on the postgame video, however, Micah Pettus made a brilliant recovery.

In case you missed it or just want to see Harris dunking on the Aggies time and again, here’s his own personal highlight reel.

How in the hell that man ever got outside of the state of Louisiana for collegiate football will continue to blow my mind for all eternity. Praise be to He that he is not in purple and gold.

With the Rebels sitting at 8-1, there is now an enormous road trip to Athens and No. 1 Georgia, College Gameday, and all the implications nationally and in the SEC. Alabama still has the inside track on an SEC title appearance and likely has this locked down, however, the Rebels have a lot to play for with a potential upset. It would mean breaking the longest win streak in the country and propel Ole Miss into the top five category giving the Rebels an outside shot of a playoff appearance if things fall correctly.

Yeah, its a little crazy to think it will happen, and it’s very unlikely it will - but we’re talking about a 10 or 11-win Ole Miss in 2023. Enjoy the damn ride. Cheers!