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Let’s remember some Egg Bowl guys

We’re bringing back America’s favorite memory game to get us ready for Thursday night.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

According to regularly scheduled programming, the words here should be in the form of “What we know, kinda know, and don’t know.”

However, since we learned nothing* from Ole Miss’ functional win over Louisiana-Monroe, we must adapt. And when we adapt, we fall back on another gimmick.

*If you’re craving analysis for Thursday, it’s simply if Ole Miss doesn’t turn it over multiple times, they win. They score a lot on bad defenses and have been good at limiting bad offenses. I would prefer a burial from the start, but any win is fine.

If you recall this summer, and how could you not, I was running out the clock on June and wrote a post where we remembered some Ole Miss guys. The premise of the memory game cited there is to simply remember guys and say something about them if you must.

The difference between how the game is normally played and what we’re doing today is I’m making an exception for Egg Bowl moments, quotes, and general tomfoolery. That’s because we’re going to remember 120 guys/Egg Bowl-associated things to mark the 120th playing of this game (trying to remember 120 guys would somehow be more of a brain exercise).

I would be remiss if I didn’t spend time on this game being played ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN TIMES coming into this week. Fortunately, no poor soul has been alive for all 119. However, with the advancements in medicine, it’s possible someone in the future could be alive for and even see 119 games.

It’s even possible that person is ALIVE TODAY. But notice I said “possible” because even if people manage to live for 150 years in the future, Egg Bowl life expectancy is like 95 tops.

No one, Ole Miss or Mississippi State fan, could sit through that many Egg Bowls and not have 40 years shaved off their life.

Let’s Remember 120 Egg Bowl-Related Guys and General Things

It’s freezing

It’s raining

The wind cannot possibly blow this hard

Speaking of, God has chosen a side

The Stand

Chad Brown:

Joe Lee Dunn (RIP) on both sidelines

It’s raining even harder

Hugh Freeze losing his last Egg Bowl 55-20 (at home) (by 35 points) (one week after losing to Vanderbilt by 21 points)

Fake Dog Pee 1

Fake Dog Pee 2 Fast 2 Furious

Deuce McAllister’s fist


Matt Luke leg whip that gave Stewart Patridge enough time:

Andre Rone

Tommy Tuberville versus Jackie Sherrill, and Sherrill ended up not being the more breathtakingly stupid jackass

Starting quarterback David Morris

Approximately 160 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties issued at once

This photoshop I made after the SEC officiating crew ejected the wrong number 38 (even they don’t know the difference between Ole Miss and State):

Dr. Bo 2-1 in Egg Bowls

Donte Moncrief roasting every defensive back they threw at him

Hugh Freeze somehow losing the 2013 Egg Bowl

The pouring rain saving State from losing 63-0 to Eli Manning in his senior year (only 31-0!)

David Cutcliffe somehow losing the 2001 Egg Bowl

David Cutcliffe somehow losing the 1999 Egg Bowl:

[Redacted video from the 1999 Egg Bowl]

Houston Nutt crooming Sylvester Croom in 2008

Houston Nutt losing three straight Egg Bowls when facing competent coaching

SWAG Kelly and company leading the 2015 Egg Bowl 28-3 with 10:45 to play in the second quarter on Senior Night in Starkville

SWAG Kelly dialing up the RPMs:

Billy Brewer

Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium


Responsible ringing

A missed extra point that is actually a win

Breeland Speaks waving.gif

“Jackie Sherrill is a habitual liar.”

“Billy doesn’t know what the word habitual means.”

Russ Shows

Wayne Madkin

Matt Wyatt

Josh Nelson

Kevin Fant

Romaro Miller

Tom Luke

Rocky Felker

John Bond

John Darnell

John Fourcade

Wesley Carroll

Brent Schaeffer

Robert Lane

Michael Henig

Omarr Conner

Jevan Snead (RIP)

Jeremiah Masoli

Barry Brunetti

Dak Prescott

A pants pooping:

Tony Bridges

DeMarquis Gates

Jordan Wilkins

D.J. Jones

Fadol Brown

C.J. Johnson

My grandfather scoring a touchdown for Mississippi State in the 1936 Egg Bowl (26-6 win):

“As crowd noise grew to a fever pitch, Sasse’s MSU squad roared out of the third quarter break. Bernie Ward hit Ike Pickle for a touchdown reception. After an Ole Miss fumble at its own 8-yard line, Bob Hardison notched the Maroons’ third score with a touchdown scamper of his own.”

(The Ole Miss fumble at its own 8-yard line is TOO REAL.)

My grandfather intercepting a pass late in the 1937 Egg Bowl to preserve a 9-7 win* for State:

“The Rebels had two more chances to win the game, but State’s Bob Hardison ended one drive with an interception...”

*He told us Ole Miss was running at will on that drive, but they decided to pass closer to the end zone, and he picked it off. I like to assume it was the 1937 Treadwell Pass Play. For the record, he also still holds the State single-game record for most punts.

That’s right.

A 20-6 fourth-quarter lead, surely nothing can go wrong in the 1999 Egg Bowl

Matt Corral

Jerrion Ealy

Snoop Conner

Parading the trophy around

Lane Kiffin somehow* losing the 2022 Egg Bowl

*Well, distractions and red zone farting around that left points on the board.

Ed Orgeron speeding up the end of his Ole Miss tenure:

Again, Ed Orgeron’s decision to go for it. Many summers back, I did a summary of bad Ole Miss teams, of which featured the 2007 team, and wrote this about his choice:

Leading 14-0 with 10 minutes left, Orgeron elected to go for a fourth and one at his own 49.

At this point in the game, the Mississippi State offense had run 37 plays for 98 total yards and 4 first downs. They averaged 2.6 yards per play. If he punted and it resulted in a touchback, based on the 2.6 yards per play statistic, it would have taken the Mississippi State offense 30.8 plays to go 80 yards for a touchdown.

Jefferson Pilot





(1-6 SEC)

(2-5 SEC)

(0-7 SEC)

(3-4 SEC)

Bowl eligibility on the line

Greg Plump

Sleepy Robinson

Todd Jordan

Lawrence Adams

Paul Head

Cory Philpot

Randy Baldwin

Dan Mullen + NCAA

Self-published books

Dan Mullen against Not Houston Nutt: 2-4

Dan Mullen against Matt Luke: 1-0

Matt Luke: 1-2

Maybe don’t hire people based on the result of the Egg Bowl?

2019 Egg Bowl - Thank you, little tiny baby Jesus

2019 Egg Bowl - Ole Miss faced a 4th and 24 from their own 14 with 59 seconds left and converted. Without this conversion, Lane Kiffin isn’t at Ole Miss.

Elijah Moore

DK Metcalf

A.J. Brown

Jordan Ta’amu

ESPN and the SEC belong in prison for bringing the Thanksgiving version of this game back

Non-Ole Miss or State fans wondering how anyone lives through this game

Liberty Bowl

Birmingham Bowl

Independence Bowl

Armed Forces Bowl

Belk Bowl

No bowl

Laremy Tunsil

Robert Nkemdiche

Laquon Treadwell






Friday cannot get here soon enough