John Cena Can’t Be/Won’t Be Seen Thread

If a Red Cup article gets posted but no one ever reads it, did it really happen?

I hope you’re paying attention to Coach Yo and WBB. They came back from down 19 at the half to beat the Hawgs in OT on the road yesterday.

The only thing notable with mens bball is whether Kermit is allowed to coach out the season.


Do these new Tahoes really do for 80fuggink? Like what? My wife has been lookin. I’m not in the know apparently. When the hell did vehicles become such a bitch to get?

Super bowl in two weeks. Brittany Mahomes or the Eagles fanbase. One of them walks away happy though neither deserve it. METEOR! Though despite that i will host my annual SB extravaganza. This years menu will feature deer meat.

Congrats to the two of you who will see this.

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