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Important Ole Miss sports dates for the spring and summer

We’re here to help you organize your calendar alerts for the next 5 months.

2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Baseball Championship Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

With the spring Ole Miss sports season well underway and more to come in the next few weeks, it’s time to get things together so you don’t miss anything. As part of your Red Cup Rebellion subscription, we’re providing you with some help in the social calendar organization department.

Below, you’ll find a list of event dates to keep in mind if you want to have your fingers on the pulse of Ole Miss sports through June. That’s right, I said it. Through June. You know what that means.

Obviously, this list doesn’t include every single event because I am attempting to value my time, but it does focus on what I consider the most interesting or important. I’ve organized it by month, so if you are trying a Dry Ole Miss February*, skip ahead.

*No Ole Miss sports for a month, and your life expectancy probably goes up 3 years. If you did this in the fall, there’s a chance you would become immortal.


Men’s Basketball

  • January 28th at Oklahoma State
  • January 31st vs. Kentucky

With the way the season is heading, entirely possible either of these could be Kermit Davis’ last game. While you would not be watching good basketball, you could be witnessing history.


  • Lane Kiffin Twitter art

After I documented his airport photography last week, there have been new developments in his photographic choices, as he looks to broaden his portfolio.

Recent work includes water tower art, exterior shots of high schools, and the concession stand prices at Gulfport High School:


Men’s Basketball

  • All month - interim coach watch

Women’s Basketball

  • February 2nd at Tennessee
  • February 16th at LSU
  • February 19th vs South Carolina

The combined record of the only 3 teams in the SEC ahead of Ole Miss in the standings? 56-6 overall and 24-0 in the SEC. Kinda good, I guess.

Having LSU and South Carolina back to back (combined 40-0) is particularly nasty, but that is a 3-week stretch that also includes other games and is maxed out on HOOOOOO BOY. Godspeed, Lady Rebs.


  • February 10th-18th in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Well, that’s an okay way to open the season. Playing 10 games in 9 days may be taxing, but [gestures at a Mexican resort beach town in February] versus [gestures at Mississippi weather in February].


  • February 17th-19th opening weekend

The defending national champions get things started by hosting the Blue Hens of Delaware in Oxford. In case you didn’t hear me the first time, I said the defending national champions get things started by hosting the Blue Hens of Delaware in Oxford.

This is a good time to remind everyone that Ole Miss went to Omaha in June and won the College World Series. It was fun, and they should try to do it again IMO.

Brief Aside: My broken brain would like me to tell you that Joe Flacco went to Delaware because that is the first thing it likes to tell me when it reads the words “University of Delaware.” Every single time.


  • Lane Kiffin Twitter art

See above.


Men’s Basketball

  • Interim coach watch or viewing
  • Coaching Search Szn, depending on the targets still coaching in their seasons

Women’s Basketball

  • March 1st-5th - SEC Tournament in Greenville, South Carolina

Depending on how February goes, it’s a chance to improve their NCAA Tournament seeding or get in to the NCAA Tournament.

  • March 17th-18th - First round of the NCAA Tournament
  • March 19th-20th - Second round of the NCAA Tournament
  • March 24th-25th - Sweet 16
  • March 26th-27th - Elite 8
  • March 31st - Final Four

You never know!


  • March 24th-26th - first home SEC series (LSU)

This reminded me about the baseball team sweeping LSU last year in Baton Rouge, which helped them get into the postseason. Then, if you recall, they went on to win the College World Series in Omaha and are currently the reigning national champions.


  • March 10th-12th vs. Purdue

Not a terribly important series, but it gives me the chance to recall the time former Ole Miss great Stephen Head hit a home run off a Purdue pitcher that landed in the middle of the old tennis courts beyond right field.

From that post, it looked something like this:

As I mention in that post, I’ve never heard a PING quite like that one.

  • March 24th-26th - first SEC home series (Florida)

DID YOU KNOW: The state of Florida is where Ole Miss won the Miami Regional on their way to winning the College World Series in Omaha.


  • Lane Kiffin Twitter art

See above.

  • Spring practice begins at some point

No official date has been set, but they will have some practices this month. Those could include quarterback battles, a lot of “who is this guy”, and a realization they need a handful of more defensive players via the transfer portal ASAP.


Men’s Basketball

  • Coaching Search Szn, depending on if it doesn’t happen until the entire college basketball season is over

Women’s Basketball

  • April 2nd - National Title Game

Just in case!


  • April 6th-8th vs. Arkansas


If you remember last season, Ole Miss defeated Arkansas in an elimination game in Omaha to reach the championship series. Once Ole Miss was in the championship series, they won the first two games to win the College World Series in Omaha, which is a thing Arkansas has never done.

However, Arkansas did reach the championship series in 2018. You should ask an Arkansas fan what happened next.

  • April 21st-23rd vs. LSU

Right now, it’s unclear if Ole Miss sweeps LSU again they will return to Omaha and win the College World Series in consecutive years, but it wouldn’t hurt to find out.


  • Lane Kiffin Twitter art

See above.

  • Spring practice continues and concludes with the Grove Bowl

The spring practice takes could potentially have the power of a nuclear reaction, in which case:

I, for one, will need them all as if they were oxygen.



  • May 10th-14th - SEC Tournament in Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • May 19th-21st - NCAA Regional
  • May 26th-28th - NCAA Super Regional

Always be prepared.


  • May 18th-20th at Alabama

Let us hope Ole Miss is in a better position than needing wins in the last SEC regular season series to keep alive their chances of repeating as College World Series winners, but with Ole Miss, crippling anxiety is always on the table.

  • May 23rd-28th - SEC Tournament in Hoover, Alabama

Last year, Ole Miss proved you can do exactly jack squat in the SEC Tournament and still win the College World Series in Omaha.


  • Lane Kiffin Twitter art

See above.

  • May 1st-15th - 2 Portal 2 Season

The second window of the transfer portal opens, meaning Ole Miss and others will be scouring for guys who want out of their current situations following spring practices. SPOILER: Ole Miss needs to be out-scoring other schools.

It could also mean Ole Miss loses more players. While it certainly feels like most everyone who wanted to transfer out got in the portal already, you’re dealing with 18 to 22-year olds and people in their ears.

[side eye in the direction of the quarterback room]



  • June 1st-9th - College World Series in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If the baseball team can get on a heater and win the College World Series in Omaha, there’s always a chance the softball team could do the same in OKC.


  • Lane Kiffin Twitter art

See above.

  • Transfers AHOY

Still time to get to Oxford and get settled in prior to August practice, future transfers. Particularly if you are a defensive back with experience defensive backing or an edge rusher who has dreams of becoming a terror for offensive tackles.


  • June 2nd-5th - NCAA Regional
  • June 9th-12th - NCAA Super Regional

Although it was not necessary in order to win the College World Series in Omaha last year, it would’ve been nice if Ole Miss could’ve hosted a Regional and Super Regional prior to winning the College World Series in Omaha. The crowds would’ve been electric, and there would’ve been a great deal of hootin’ and hollerin’.

I think everyone would appreciate them trying to host this year on the way to defending their College World Series title in Omaha.

  • June 16th-26th - College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska

As a refresher, Omaha is the place where Ole Miss won the College World Series in 2022. They should check in to doing that again because it would be pretty awesome to once again win the College World Series in Omaha.

In the history of the College World Series, only 6 schools have ever won consecutive titles:

  • South Carolina - 2010 and 2011
  • Oregon State - 2006 and 2007
  • LSU - 1996 and 1997
  • Stanford - 1987 and 1988
  • Southern Cal - 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, and 1974 (LMAO what)
  • Texas - 1949 and 1950

That shows you just how hard it is to do, and we should accept the reality it’s likely not going to happen for Ole Miss. On the other hand, BOOK THE ROOMS AND FLIGHTS NOW BECAUSE YOU KNOW WE’RE BACK.