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NET rankings update for the SEC: Jan. 10

Could be worse... could be raining

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi at Mississippi State Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss basketball is continuing to tread water in the mediocre pool of college basketball awaiting a chance to improve its resume Tuesday at home against No. 21 Auburn.

There hasn’t been a lot of change in the last week in how the SEC ranks in the NET with half of the league in the top 50 with a decent chance to get into the NCAA Tournament. Kentucky is sitting perilously at No. 46, however, and the Wildcats looked pretty terrible at Alabama over the weekend.

Meanwhile, it seems pretty evident Tennessee joins Bama as the class of the conference, and these two squads will have the opportunity to get a 1-seed or 2-seed come tournament time if they continue their dominant play.

Texas A&M made the biggest jump in the last week improving 14 spots in the NET while LSU fell 14 spots. Georgia moved up 13 spots, but it is still outside the top 100.

For Ole Miss fans, a date with Auburn (No. 33 NET) on Tuesday is a massive chance to change things, but there is really just as much importance on Saturday’s game in Oxford vs. Georgia. At the very least, the Rebels have to win one of these games, but if it can win two, then a road trip at winnable South Carolina could help Ole Miss climb back into the picture.

Here’s where every team in the SEC stands as of Jan. 10:

  • Tennessee - 2 (3 last week)
  • Alabama - 6 (8 last week)
  • Arkansas - 16 (12 last week)
  • Missouri - 32 (31 last week)
  • Auburn - 33 (36 last week)
  • Mississippi State - 43 (38 last week)
  • Kentucky - 46 (41 last week)
  • Florida - 68 (63 last week)
  • Texas A&M - 83 (97 last week)
  • LSU - 89 (75 last week)
  • Ole Miss - 93 (89 last week)
  • Georgia - 115 (128 last week)
  • Vanderbilt - 118 (116 last week)
  • South Carolina - 263 (261 last week)

In all honesty, I’m counting the days until baseball season, and the only basketball I’ll be watching in Oxford this weekend is when I go on Sunday to see the women’s team. That’s the program that has earned my attention for now, but things could change in the next two weeks if the Rebels snap out of it.