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Here’s how to bet week 2 of SEC football

Will Ole Miss cover a five touchdown spread?

Troy v Ole Miss Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Hoo boy, week one of SEC football was so near perfect until LSU just absolutely choked away a 14-0 week for the conference.

Way to trip over the lowered bar of expectations, Tigers. And here’s hoping this is a disastrous year in Red Stick.

The staff at Red Cup wasn’t nearly as successful at picking games against the spread, however, though like coaches always say the biggest improvement is always between week one and week two. Undoubtedly, fans learned a lot about teams in the SEC from the first games last Thursday and Saturday.

Juco All American crushed week one with a 10-4 record against the spread with Ole Miss, LSU, Vanderbilt and Utah missing the mark for him. Vandy and Ole Miss were close calls against the spread, so he was extremely close to a 12-2 record, though his 71 percent hit rate is pretty fantastic.

Everyone else middled around the fifty percent mark, so let’s see how everyone picked week two and will bounce back or continue to suck.

So you can see the staff is very split pretty much across the board on every SEC game this week with the exception of the K-State and Missouri game with everyone jumping on the Wildcats -7.5 in Manhattan.

The picks also added Justin Lewis to our staff spreadsheet, and since he didn’t get to pick the entire slate last week, it will be interesting to see how the new kid does.

If I had to say there’s a lock this week from my set, I would put a nickel down on Tennessee to cover a touchdown spread against Pitt. I was not at all impressed by the Panthers in a rivalry game against West Virginia, and Tennessee may be pretty damn good this year. The No. 14 ranking beside Pitt is not indicative of anything in my opinion.

For the Rebels, the staff almost agrees -34 is going to be covered, and now the weather forecast has cleared a bit for Saturday opening up the possibility for a higher scoring game. It will be very interesting to see how much Lane Kiffin runs the ball against what should be a line of scrimmage the Rebels can control for three plus quarters.

So what’s your lock of the week? Comment below or tweet @redcuprebellion with how you’ll be throwing your car note egregiously on college football games.