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Scanning the SEC: Week 4 brought Gameday, heartache, and some struggles

I sense mayhem in Week 5

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Texas A&M Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC in week four had a case of the sharts. You thought you could trust what was coming, but then it kinda bit you in the butt but not fully.

Quite a few teams underperformed based on their matchups, while some teams saw their playoff chances basically already end.

The week four results set up quite the interesting week five, but lets scan around the league from the past week before we look ahead (which some teams got caught doing themselves).

Too Farsighted

A few teams got caught looking past their week four opponent in preparation for a tougher week five matchup. Both Ole Miss and Kentucky were in tougher contests than you would expect. The two teams matchup in a huge contest this week, so one would understand the oversight.

I am not sure Georgia was so concerned with Mizzou that it overlooked Kent State, but I could see Georgia not being concerned at all with Kent State and making sure Mizzou was not a concern. Either way, that contest should not have been as close as it was - a little sleepwalking between the hedges last Saturday.

Background Noise

Alabama, LSU, Mississippi State and South Carolina all did what Georgia could not — dispose of its significantly inferior opponents rather easily. So easy that these games were practically background noise while you did chores around the house or even napped.

Bama, State and LSU all have far tougher contests in week five while USC has an even easier matchup against SC State.

When You Stink, You Stink

Yo. Mizzou v Auburn. What even was that? Let’s just hope Bryan Harsin is still employed when the Rebs play Auburn so Kiffin can get his first win against the Tigers as the head coach in Oxford. Both these teams just aren’t very good and are very likely to be the bottom two teams in the SEC save Vanderbilt when all is said and done. Both are likely to get waxed in week five as well.

Heard That

OK, Tennessee, we hear ya, loud and clear. Not thrilled you allowed a backdoor cover, but Hendon Hooker and company are headed for a big time matchup against Alabama soon and the Vols are letting everyone know they are here.

Florida on the other hand is now quietly fading into the background after its upset over Utah, dropping games to Kentucky and Tennessee with another loss almost certain to come from Georgia.

‘Tis a Bit, Bittersweet

Texas A&M has become the villains of the SEC because of the shenanigans of coach Jimbo Fisher this offseason. ‘Tis nothing sweeter than an Aggie defeat after they DEFINITELY DID NOT buy its recruiting class (editor’s note: guys, it’s totally ok to do this now). But the Razorbacks, who could have forced Gameday to Fayetteville with a victory, could not get the job done and now have to beat Alabama to keep their SEC West dreams alive.