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Rebels come from behind, hold on to win vs. Tulsa

Oh ok. Nothing to worry about here

NCAA Football: Tulsa at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

There was a considerable part of me worrying this game would be closer than fans would want it to be, and well it happened as Ole Miss had to come from behind to beat Tulsa, 35-27 on Saturday.

The Rebels seemed on cruise control early jumping out to a 7-0 lead, but the Golden Hurricane answered with a 14-0 run to take the lead in the first quarter. Ole Miss answered with a barrage of points to go up 35-17 by halftime, but then... well, no points were scored by the offense.

I’m not in any way sounding the alarm that this team has major problems, because it was approximately 142 degrees on the turf today according to an egg yolk I interviewed at the fifty yard line. That’s one part of the equation.

Additionally, this team just seemed to “turn it on” when it needed to and put away Tulsa in the first half and then held on. Is it a feel good win for the fans? Nope. Does it mean the team is 4-0 headed into a massive game with top 10 Kentucky? Yes.

Meanwhile, the Wildcats struggled to top Northern Illinois, so maybe Ole Miss and Kentucky were both looking ahead to next week and this game’s result doesn’t mean quite as much as fans think it might.

The Cup will have more in-depth analysis tomorrow as we dive into the numbers from a befuddling win over Tulsa. Hey, let’s just be glad we’re in a place where a win isn’t quite as satisfying as we’d like it to be, right? Cheers!