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Red Cup Picks: Here’s how to bet week three of SEC football

Put all the Bitcoin on these picks

NCAA Football: Central Arkansas at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes folks, you come across a hot streak. Nothing seemingly can go wrong.

Maybe it’s in business or in your love life, but most importantly, it can be in betting the gosh dang sportsbooks. And right now, y’all, Juco All American is on a heater.

We’re talking about a gentleman who is 68 percent for the first two weeks of the SEC season right now. Tallysight projects his earnings as a 30 percent return on investment - you might as well be flipping real estate in Oxford over the last five years. It’s about as easy money as it gets.

All of the laud and adulation is also meant to jinx him if at all possible, so I can climb out of mediocrity in our Red Cup standings. Gray Hardison (58 percent) and One Man to Beat (54 percent) are in second and third and the other two let’s just say they need to rebound desperately in the coming weeks to get back into this.

Here’s the picks for week three, there are some games omitted due to FCS spreads existing on some platforms and not on others.

The staff is really feeling Ole Miss covering 16.5 against Georgia Tech on the road. Justin Lewis is bucking the trend and trying to climb out of the picking cellar, which is admirable and makes sense sometimes to pick the home underdog. I don’t usually do it with teams who beat FCS teams by 18 in the prior week, but you do you.

I’m feeling pretty dumb making my underdog home pick to be Auburn right now. I’m really not impressed by Penn State, and I think Auburn Jesus will somehow cause a miracle and get the Tigers over. Would that save Bryan Harsin? Probably not, but it makes things more interesting.

The most exciting pick you need to make at a casino right now, sell every blue chip stock you have, take that money and clearly put it on Vanderbilt(??) against Northern Illinois. It’s the only unanimous pick from the staff this week, and it literally means we might be the worst at this or geniuses. If you’re not using DraftKings, you probably aren’t going to have a great Christmas where your kids think you’re a fantastic parent, because you got them all Oculuses and rented a yacht in the Mediterranean for a week. Bet big, win big. Be responsible.

So what’s your lock of the week? Did you get to the crab leg all you can eat buffet last night and drop a dime on the Rebels? Comment below and let’s get rich.