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Most Ole Miss fans expect a bowl game appearance in 2022

Coming off a historic season, expectations remain high

NCAA Football: Troy at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Ole Miss fans responded to a Red Cup question about how the 2022 season will shake out and the results show three out of four are expecting six to nine wins this season.

SBNation Reacts is a weekly series nationally and school specific where fans can vote to show how confident the fanbase is in the direction of the program or sound off on the hottest topics in college football.

The staff did notice at least a couple comments asking why there was no perfect season option, and for those of you dreaming about that, please consult your primary care physician. Also, the 1 percent thinking 4-5 wins are clearly Mississippi State fans probably or just the kind of fan who almost always believe the worst season is about to happen.

Speaking of the worst thing that could happen, nationally the SB Nation reacts poll showed Marshall beating Notre Dame was the most surprising upset of week two in college football. I guess most folks have caught on to Texas A&M maybe being a fraud from time to time and definitely Nebraska being a sinking ship was not a shocker to see Georgia Southern with a win there.

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