9-12-22 Thread

New thread every 3 weeks? Sure why not. Might get a little too talkative in here otherwise.

Football season has allegedly started. Dart looks to be taking the qb job which was somewhat expected. We better figure it out quick though, a top 10 Kentucky team will be coming to town in a few weeks.

I was there at UCA. Decent crowd. But not so uncomfortably crowded and unpleasant to not be able to enjoy it. Saw several college kids who had overserved themselves - dang amateurs. Got rained on. But temp was nice. Overall a good day.

NFL has started thank God. Packers look bad. Bills and Chiefs look good surprise surprise. And the ageless wonder Tom Brady just won't die. He, Nick Saban and Rafa Nadal can go straight to hell. Get out of the way and let others through.

What's the next Ole Miss sporting event you'll attend?

What new restaurant in Oxford are you wanting to try? (not that I could name 5 "new" places I'm boring and like routine)

What's your favorite watering hole?

That's enough. EAD and TOFTR.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.