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Scanning the SEC: What happened in week 2

Google Appalachian State plz

Sam Houston v Texas A&M Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

In week one, the SEC went 13-1 with Vanderbilt LSU losing a heart breaker to Florida State.

Obviously the record in week 2 could not top that as conference play began with Kentucky facing Florida and South Carolina taking on Arkansas. While some teams had cupcakes, the SEC was involved in some great non conference games as well.

Let’s scan the SEC after week two of play.

Fortunate Finals

Alabama and Tennessee both escaped its matchups against Texas and Pittsburgh, both on the road. The Tide and Vols also likely only won due to injuries to the starting QBs of its opponents. Alabama even saw a hobbled back-up QB try to steer the Longhorns to victory. The Volunteers slammed Pitt QB Kedon Slovis to the ground, knocking him out of the game with a likely concussion. I mean go SEC and all, but these two programs narrowly escaped an early season defeat with some good fortune.

Taking Care of Business

Georgia and LSU were two schools playing cupcakes, following a week one matchup against a Power 5 school. The Bulldogs (2-0) won 33-0 while LSU (1-1) beat Southern University 65-17. They did what they were supposed to do and Georgia is the new No. 1 team in the country.

Realizing Reality

Both Vanderbilt and South Carolina were handed reality checks in week two. Vanderbilt was 2-0 and screaming “we want Bama” on SEC Nation Saturday morning. South Carolina had high hopes with Spencer Rattler on campus. The Gamecocks had its opportunities to upset Arkansas but continued to shoot itselves in the foot, losing 44-30. Vandy got smacked around by a decent Wake Forest team, a swift reminder of what the ‘Dores should actually expect the rest of the way.

Auburn and Missouri also fall into this category. Yes, Auburn won, but barely. It is likely going to be a long year, a year that the Tigers will probably be fighting LSU for bottom of the SEC West honors. Mizzou, well, its matchup against Vanderbilt this season will probably determine the order of 13-14 in the SEC and I’m not convinced it ends with Mizzou at 13.

The Florida Gators had to be knocked down a peg after the Gators’ opening victory over Utah. For the first time in most of our lifetimes, Kentucky has beat Florida in consecutive years. Kentucky is just better and someone needs to check in on John Calipari after this. Florida is a good, but not great, football team that will be looking at a third place finish in their division as a best case scenario, with 4th out of 7 being the most likely outcome.

Cool Beans

The Kentucky Wildcats went into The Swamp and came out ranked 9th in the AP Poll. It’s always a fun story when Kentucky football is good and certainly when the Wildcats are better than its basketball program. This sets up for a big time matchup between the Rebels and Wildcats on October 1.

Most of us were asleep, but after a 10:10 pm central time kickoff, Mississippi State handled the Arizona Wildcats, who have been one of the worst P5 schools in the country the past few years. So cool beans for winning on the road against a P5 school I guess.

Sucks to Suck

Ohhhhhh buddy. Check on your friends if they are fans of the Texas A&M Aggies. After being sold on the hype by their used car salesman of a coach, Aggie fans are left contemplating loyalties after losing at home to known giant-slayer, Appalachian St. This team is proof that preseason rankings are meaningless. All that talk about this huge recruiting class, only to not have a QB that will take the Aggies anywhere. Better luck next year Jimbo.