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Scouting the Enemy: Q&A with The Trojan Wall

Talkin’ football, fried chicken and cold beer

NCAA Football: Troy at Coastal Carolina David Yeazell-USA TODAY Sports

The opening week of the Ole Miss football season is finally here, and the Troy Trojans will soon bring hundreds of fans into Oxford to hoot and holler for its squad.

The kind folks over at The Trojan Wall took some time to answer a few important questions we here at The Cup had about Troy.

  1. Who are the names to watch on offense for Troy?

Gunnar Watson was just named the starting quarterback. He’s been the next guy up since 2019, but it may be another season where he trades off duties. Kimani Vidal is RB1 and Jamontez Woods is RB2, but RB3, DK Billingsley almost put up 1,000 yards in 2019. We also have a Texas A&M transfer at RB4, Charles Strong. Pick your poison. Because of this talent, Troy has changed its scheme to a run-first pro-style offense. That said, Tez Johnson, Marcus Rogers and Jabre Barber lead a deep receiving corps. Troy is also actually using its tight ends this year. Look for Clayton Ollendieck, a JUCO transfer, and the two Lewises (AJ and Deyunkrea, no relation) to lead this group.

2. What are the expectations for this season?

Honestly, expectations are better than 5-7. Chip Lindsey didn’t leave the cupboards bare and this defense is stout. The ceiling is overtaking Louisiana for control of the Sun Belt Conference West Division but we’re hoping to get back above .500 this season. Sumrall will deliver, and fans have patience.

3. If Troy personified one of the Avengers, who would it be?

If we’re talking MCU characters, gotta go with Daredevil. Red, kicked ass from 2015-2018 then completely disappeared. Popped up as part of an extremely popular movie (Sun Belt) and now there’s hype to see what comes next. Of the OGs? Gotta go with the Hulk. You’re really excited when they make an appearance, and you have a soft spot for them, but they’re kinda all over the place recently.

4. Is Troy more of a lite beer or whiskey school?

Ooh. As close as we are to Panama City Beach, I gotta go lite beer. We can shoot whiskey, but we’re here for a good time in a small town.

5. Who has the GOAT fast food chicken sandwich?

This is the most difficult question, man. I love Popeyes’ Spicy and Chick-Fil-A’s Spicy Deluxe, but because of the sheer variety I’m gonna give the nod to the original, Chick-Fil-A. Plus you can get them at Troy home games, so I’m biased.

6. Besides winning the game outright, what are some positives Troy could take from this game?

Keeping it closer than two scores would be a win. I’m legally obligated to say Troy expects to win, but scaring Ole Miss fans would also be a victory. A two-score loss is kind of the expectation, so any more would hurt, but we also understand the growing pains of a new coach. This is really a chance to size ourselves up on the national level.