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Happy Fourth of July from the Cup

May your pellet smoker be forever perfect

Syndication: Asbury Park Press Thomas P. Costello / USA TODAY NETWORK

I’ve often wondered how long the hangover from a national championship lasts.

I can now honestly say it is at least two or three days for the surreal giddiness of finishing a baseball season as the top team in the country to fully settle in and become a reality.

Now, it’s America’s birthday on the heels of some of the greatest games to ever be played in the history of Ole Miss sports. Rebel fans have to be loving the summer of 2022 unlike any other.

By now, you’ve undoubtedly got a pork shoulder or beef brisket smoking, or maybe you’re doing the hot dog and hamburger route. Neighborhood pools will be brimming with families looking to celebrate a big middle finger to the tyrants of England from around 250 years ago.

Before you crank up the tunes and zone out into a state of patriotic bliss, here’s the quintessential version of the Star Spangled Banner and honestly, why aren’t we just playing this before every game already?

Here’s to the red, white, and blue. Cheers and Hotty Toddy!