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Ole Miss at SEC Media Days: No Context

Dusting off the No Context content to review what Lane Kiffin and the fellas had to say in Atlanta.

After an extended hiatus mainly fueled by me not remembering this is a thing I have done before, the No Context content the people demand is back.

Instead of watching The Season episodes for the football (first and second editions) and baseball teams (third edition), I’ve turned to the exciting video from SEC Media Days at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta*.

*If you haven’t been to the HoF and get a chance to go, it’s worth the visit. It has tons of memorabilia and other items of interest, such as details related to Ole MissCotton Bowl wins, though they neglected to include the Houston Nutt FIFTY, I SAY AGAIN, FIFTY YEARS speech. More importantly, you will walk the very ground where I went two for two on extra point attempts, much to the amazement of the 15 or so people standing in line waiting to try and do the same.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at what Lane Kiffin had to say, as well as Ole Miss players Jonathan Mingo, Nick Broeker, and Cedric Johnson (here, here, and here). If you forgot how this works, first off, how dare you, and second, I’m stealing a bit that began on Twitter.

There are an outrageous number of accounts now that post screenshots, with subtitles, from TV shows, movies, sports, or almost anything in pop culture. The first one I remember following was dedicated to The Good Place (a very good show!) that would post things like this:

So there’s your explanation of what you’re about to see. The only difference is the closed captioning provided free of charge on YouTube occasionally lives up to its free of charge status and doesn’t always achieve 100 percent accuracy.

Now to the comments without any context.

Ok, maybe I made that one up. But again, facts are facts.


A media member introduces themselves.