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Here’s how Ole Miss wrapped up SEC Media Day

Kiffin left his filter in Oxford.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Lane Kiffin headed to Atlanta, Ga. on Monday morning to once again shock the college football world with his witty antics and relatability.

The third year coach has a special way to be the only coach to say exactly what everyone else in the room is thinking, and his time at the podium at SEC Media Days was no different.

Kiffin started out the day with a light tease to Mizzou head coach Eliah Drinkwitz about what “shoe game” he is bringing to the table at Media Days. Shockingly, Drinkwitz responded back with his own jokes setting up a perfect start to the first day.

Once at the podium, Kiffin often joked with reporters asking questions, including mentioning that he was in the business of starting a new tradition of not wearing a tie at SEC Media Days. He even went as far as retelling a story of earlier in the day with SEC commissioner Greg Sankey and his jealousy that Kiffin showed up without the no-tie look.

“Why are we supposed to wear a tie? Because it was done before? It doesn’t really matter.”

The Rebels head coach, in arguably the best moment of the day, told media members that Ole Miss’ Baseball National Championship in Hoover last month was all part of his plan. You might remember that when Tennessee showed up to Swayze Field, Lane Kiffin was asked to throw out the first pitch. Kiffin opted for a golf ball over a baseball to commemorate the items that were thrown on the field during the 2021 Ole Miss football victory over Tennessee. Here were his remarks:

“I’d like to say on the golf ball, which goes back to the first pitch which I threw out for the Tennessee game and we got swept by Tennessee and didn’t play well, and everybody thought it was my fault. I had a plan,” Kiffin said. “I wanted our guys to stay humble and not play very well and we’d go win the national championship in baseball. So I’d like to say that was the plan. So all the Tennessee fans that were all excited about sweeping us, there was a plan.”

Lane Kiffin also took a few shots at some opposing conferences on what it is like to join a bigger team with all of the switching that is happening in the college football world. When asked about the four newly announced teams changing conferences(Oklahoma and Texas to SEC, USC and USC to the Big 10) , he dismissed the idea that it would be the same thing. “I don’t know that there’s a huge jump going into the Big Ten,” Kiffin said. “The SEC is a whole different animal.”