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Friday baseball is washed out at the Miami regional, Rebels await Saturday start

Forecast for Coral Gables: Rain, pain and maybe a baseball game?

COLLEGE BASEBALL: MAY 25 ACC Championship - Miami v NC State Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As expected and forecast by people who study for years to understand the weather, rain and potential flooding has delayed the Coral Gables regional.

The Miami Hurricanes updated the start time of its hosted regional via Twitter Friday morning.

It’s hard to really fathom if Miami is truly trying to just kneel the ball through the postseason or what, because this forecast has been dicey for days now. A new location could have been worked out in the Sunshine state in my opinion, but I understand the ‘Canes not wanting to give up a homefield advantage it worked all season to get.

But the ‘Canes also stand the most to gain if the regional cannot move forward due to weather conditions. If no games are played or completed by the end of Tuesday, the highest seed moves on to the super regional round, which Miami would also then host.

Here’s what would happen from there based on what the Cup has been told:

  • One through three games played - Best seed without a loss advances
  • Four or five games played - Remaining team without a loss
  • Six games played - Winner of game six unless each team has a loss then it goes to head to head tie-breaker, then the best seeded team remaining

As of right now, I don’t think there will be any baseball played until at best late Saturday. If a game gets in on Saturday or can start early on Sunday, then I believe this regional can be fully played out. Playing two games on Sunday, then three games on Monday would still require a couple more possibly to be played on Tuesday - so right now it just looks like a long waiting game with a major logistical challenge.

Again, there’s like a million baseball fields in Florida, so it’s nuts that with all the technology and awareness of weather humans possess we are in this position but at least there are some kooky flavored milkshakes at the stadium!

In case you missed it, the Ole Miss flavor is vanilla, cinnamon and a Bourbon flavor - for our more pasty fans, I’m sure you can omit the cinnamon as it may be “too spicy” for you.

Here’s to a two day rain delay, cheers!