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Ole Miss Baseball won a national championship, and I had too much to drink despite knowing I had to write a postgame recap

Work with me, people.

2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Baseball Championship Photo by C. Morgan Engel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Ole Miss won a natty! Woohoo! Also I had way too much bourbon due to superstition! It is what it is, and we won, so who cares?

We’ll have plenty more analysis that’s well-reasoned and logical, but this reaction is not going to be that.

WAOM is dead for Ole Miss baseball. Mike Bianco, Tim Elko, Dylan Delucia, Hunter Elliot, Jack Doherty, Mason Nichols, Brandon Johnson, Jacob Gonzalez, TJ McCants, Justin Bench, Kevin Graham, Calvin Harris, and many, many more killed it. They won the big one. The season ended with a resounding win, and no one can claim to be better. Build a damn statue.

Seriously. Tim Elko needs a statue in Oxford. Make it happen. And don’t put it near the baseball stadium. Put it in the middle of the square. Have him sit next to William Faulkner and pontificate. That dude earned every bit of acclaim he gets.

And wow. Mike Bianco. coming into the season, I said Omaha was all that mattered. I reiterated that even in the midst of the terrible regular season. Well, it’s tough to argue with that now. Bianco went from the precipice of unemployment to a lifetime contract. Seriously, Olemaha alone was going to buy him four or five more years. Winning a natty means he’s at Ole Miss until he doesn’t want to be. What a legend.

I don’t really have the words right now in this stream of consciousness style post to do justice to what just happened. Let’s just say, while this is for all the coaches and players on the team right now, it’s also for Drew Pomeranz, Stephen Head, Bobby Wahl, JB Woodman, Anthony Servideo, Lance Lynn, Seth Smith, Doug Nikhazy, Scott Bittle, Stu Turner, Jordan and Justin Henry, Errol Robinson, Zack Cozart, Chris Coghlan, Brian Pettway, Alex Presley, Christian Trent, Dallas Woolfolk, Ryan Olenek, Matt Tolbert, Thomas Dillard, Ryan Rolison, Grae Kessinger, Tyler Keenan, Will Klein, Burney Hutchinson, Mark Holliman, TJ Beam, Mark Wright, and many, many more players I’m leaving out.

I can’t believe it. Ole Miss won a national championship in one of the men’s big three sports. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever see it in my lifetime. I don’t know what to do or say. Were it not for literally having COVID, I would have been in Omaha this week. I hate that I missed it, but so many of my friends were there it felt like I was there through proxy. Any of you who are still there and reading this, stop and drink more alcohol. This feeling isn’t something we’re likely to experience again for a very long time.

We’re going to have more stuff about what this means, the legacy, and what next year might look like later this week. That’s not important right now though. This is a time for celebration of what just happened. Ole Miss was the last team standing in the postseason, and that’s special.