Baseball NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WAOM Unprecedented Chokejob Imminent and Fire Bianco Open Thread

WHY STOP NOW. Fire that SON. OF. A. BITCH. It’s June 24 and we’re still talmbout baseball. I hate it here. Damn you Elko, Graham, Bench, Kemp, Loosh, Elliot and more. Y’all made me care again. What’s worse? You made my 7 yo fall in love with Ole Miss baseball, dooming him to a life of inevitable heartbreak and chronic heart issues in the month of June.

We have Elliot, Malitz and a whole lot of /shrugs shoulders left for pitching. We’re playing the 2nd hottest team in the country. A team with the world on their side because you can’t have the SEC SEC SEC SEC win ANOTHER national title. It’s especially bad to think that some hicks from Mississippi could win TWO got damn baseball natty’s in a row. Them dip spitting douche bags only get nattys in cases from the local gas station not in two packs in Omaha. Our coach has written the book on overmanaging and his players playing with their asses puckered tighter than a crab with diarrhea. It’s our first appearance EVER in the baseball ship. Yea like we’re gonna handle it well.


And yet. Them ducking wagon riders ain’t seen a fuggin thing anything like what that stadium will be like. It will be an Ole Miss home series in Omaha. What if Elko dick slaps one to Iowa early in the first game? That Hotty Toddy will be heard round the world. And when 15,000 drunk Rebels jump to their feet and those Oklahoma players hear the crowd yell from their toes to their teeth and holler to the heavens those Sooners will know they done messed up A-A-RON. This is what SEC baseball is, boys. Your 3,100 capacity stadium in Norman is what we see for a midweek inter squad. When a real crowd gets involved, you learn real quick you ain’t in Kansas anymore. So Hotty MF Toddy. Time to fire up DK on the call and watch history. I’ve predicted a win at every stop so screw it. Ride or die.

Rebs in 3. To hell with WAOM.

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