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Rebs earn day off to await its next opponent

One. More. Win.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Arkansas vs Ole Miss Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of Rebel fans are calling in sick to work Tuesday, after Ole Miss completely dominated the Arkansas Razorbacks on Monday night to stay undefeated in Omaha and the post-season.

There is something so special about beating your rival in a sport but doing it in Omaha in this manner is something else. There were massive expectations for this matchup, especially after how close all three games were in the regular season between these two. Arkansas ended up winning the series in Fayetteville, but the Rebels kept the receipts to motivate the team in this enormous game.

Ole Miss stayed hot from the first pitch scoring two runs in each of the first three innings, taking a break in the fourth, and then firing it up again in the fifth to score four runs and essentially put this one out of reach for Arkansas.

The Rebs chased Arkansas’ starting pitcher and known Bayside High class clown Zack Morris early and then continued an onslaught through the next six pitchers. Just when you thought Razorbacks head coach Dave Van Horn was going to give up this one and focus on winning three games in three days, he brought in a new pitcher for Ole Miss to light up. It could be Van Horn was just giving small amounts of playing time to as many pitchers as possible to save some arms in a possible Wednesday/Thursday playing scenario, but that is some big brain thinking in a game where you’re getting roasted.

Ole Miss is in the drivers’ seat with cruise control on to the championship final, but as we all know nothing ever comes quite that easy for the Rebels. This year is different maybe. Sure you had the horrible few weeks in the middle of SEC play that made you rethink everything you believed in, but something is clicking now. It all seems so easy. The team has made believers out of some of the skeptics with its postseason run, but it is far from over and pain is definitely hiding around a corner somewhere.

The Rebs are sitting pretty with a day off today, before they find out who they will play tomorrow in the bracket two final. Ole Miss will either be playing Arkansas or Auburn again with two chances to get one win.

Ole Miss will find out its opponent tonight at 6 p.m. C.T. and will then go on to play on Wednesday, June 22 at 6 p.m. C.T.