Olemaha Monday

I told y’all it was coming.

Congrats on the lifetime contract Bianco.


Mike’s first regional sweep.

Only 3rd time in history a super host was shutout the whole series.

2nd time in history the "last team in" made Omaha.

Southern thought they had a lead-earning grand slam in game 1, but it was just a few feet foul. The next inning we stepped on their throat with 7 damn runs. We had a true freshman out-duel the Ferris award winner in game 2. Garrett Wood made his first start in the regional final (and started both ganes in the super) and got on base 9 times in 3 games.

And Tim Elko did Tim Elko shit.

This winning comfortable stuff is fun let’s do some more.

If Auburn wins tonight we will be on the side of the bracket with them, Arkansas, and the Stanford, UConn winner. Oh and A&M made it to Omaha already so potentially 4/8 teams just from one division. Sources are still checking on where Tennessee will be playing.


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