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We’re going to Miami: Ole Miss baseball is selected for Coral Gables regional

Projections? We don’t need your stinkin’ projections

Almost every website in the country said Ole Miss would not make the NCAA Tournament.

And all of them were wrong.

In a little bit of a shocker, Ole Miss (32-22, 14-16 SEC) was selected for the Coral Gables regional and will play Arizona in the first game of the NCAA Tournament.

This is a fairly loaded regional with a streaky Ole Miss team who was listed as the last team in the tournament with a No. 39 RPI. The Rebels also boast a sweep of LSU and a road win against Southern Miss in the last couple weeks of regular season play.

Honestly, I am happy for guys like Tim Elko who get a chance for another postseason after coming back for a season he didn’t necessarily have to play at Ole Miss.

On the flip side, it’s clear there’s a good portion of the Rebel fanbase ready to move on from head coach Mike Bianco and making the NCAA Tournament likely does not mean he is going anywhere for the next year. However, being a three seed and last team in the tournament is certainly not where anyone expects Ole Miss to be.

But, for now, pack the sunscreen, slick back your hair, pack an all-white outfit, and get ready to slop up some steaks on South Beach. We’ll have more at the Cup on this regional later in the week.