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Texas A&M snaps the Rebels win streak

Say bye to the camo hats.

You won’t be seeing Mike Bianco or the infamous camo hats in game two after the Texas A&M Aggies took the first game in the series on Thursday night.

Ole Miss was unable to keep the magic and their seven game win streak alive, after falling 10-5 at Swayze Field. The Rebs had all the momentum heading into the final SEC series of the year. Starting pitcher Dylan DeLucia has given Ole Miss everything that they needed the past few weekends, but didn’t bring his stuff in game one. DeLucia only made it through two innings after giving up seven runs on five hits and four walks. In comparison, DeLucia has at most walked two batters in a game this season. Unfortunately, this created a giant hole that Ole Miss just couldn’t climb out of.

Relieving pitchers Jack Dougherty and Mason Nichols both came into the game to try and calm down the fiery A&M offense. They were able to hold the Aggies to just one run in 5 13 innings. With these pitchers help, the Rebels were able to find a little life inside of them. Ole Miss cut the lead to two runs after Hayden Dunhurst and Justin Bench opened up the scoring. The Rebs got hot, it just seemed to fizzle at the end.

Unsurprisingly, Ole Miss continued to shoot themselves in the foot after leaving 10 runners on base throughout the game. Sometimes they bring it, and other times, they just can’t help themselves out.

Here’s where things start to get a little weird. Rebel pitcher John Gaddis came into the game as a closer, where he gave up back-to-back home runs to the Aggies. This basically sealed the fate but the drama continues. While the second home run is rounding the plates, a heated exchange happened between A&M’s Dylan Rock and Ole Miss’ Peyton Chatagnier. It is unclear what was said, but it was enough to get the people going.

Ole Miss head coach Mike Bianco came out to speak with the umpires about the altercation, and the very next pitch, Gaddis throws a nice ball right behind the batter. He starts walking off after his ejection, which also meant an ejection for Bianco for the rest of game one, as well as an ejection for game two. Ole Miss players held Gaddis back from any physical altercation, but it was still fiery.

Game two of the series will be on Friday night for Ole Miss and Texas A&M at 7:00 p.m. C.T.

I hope we get some answers, and Ole Miss gets a few more runs.