New Format Who Dis

Maybe it’s not so bad. Things that have been a certain way a long time inevitably change. Sure that change sometimes can be a lagoon level puddle of rotting shit but hey there’s change! Oh by the way give us money change is expensive. Btw this applies to the format but also Ole Miss baseball.

Are we allowed to talk sports? I forget.

The NFL draft happened. NFL Insider and Mega-Dweeb Ian Rappaport claimed Corral fell because teaks were scared off by his acknowledgment of past issues including depression (presumably during Luke’s last year when he was 1b qb). What in the mother. fuck. You can’t talk about when you’ve had trouble before (AND OVERCAME IT). I love the NFL. But old white dudes making the calls are stupid. Panthers are also a trash org and the OC is Ben Macadoofus. Matt has an uphill battle for success. Their head coach is likely gone after this year if they don’t challenge for the playoffs (they’ve won 5 games two years in a row).

Taco Bell is bringing back the Mexican Pizza. Discuss.

Marriage/women/men amirite?

Mute me you boring cucks. I member the days when you read shit you didn’t like and moved on because you weren’t a gigantapuss. Now you get canceled/silenced. Enjoy that bubble y’all. It’s only gonna get smaller.

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