Double Decked Monday

We don’t beat ms state in baseball. You forget that Archie? Despite being lifeless for a good bit of the rubber game we somehow came back to tie in B9 because Jacob Gonzalez is one of the few with a set of nuts and any fire. Oh but WAOM was just teasing. BAM. 6 straight years losing to state you hopeless motherfuckers. #1 now probably not making the SECT or ANY regional. It would take something extraordinary to get 5 gone and boys and girls we are in extraordinaryily pathetic times even for our standards. Build a statue. Rename the left field area the 1-22 Omahahaha Club after him. Whatever. Thanks dude. But bye.

Did you go to DD. I did. People were dancing in the streets. There were approximately 2 million people downtown. Lots of smiles. It was awful. Ready for summer and being able to walk without it shoulder to shoulder.

What food really gets you in the summer mood? What about beverage?

Whats one good thing today?

Whats one improvement you plan to make? Can be personal. House. Anything.

Do something for someone else today and do something for yourself. In that order. Have a great day. Or don’t.

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