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No. 2 Ole Miss baseball has a Sunday rubber match against UCF

We’re all square heading into the finale.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Ole Miss baseball dropped its first game of the 2022 season yesterday, and now the No. 2 ranked Rebels have its first rubber game of a weekend series against UCF.

The Rebels (9-1) and UCF (8-2) have had a very evenly matched series thus far. Ole Miss won a back and forth contest Friday with an 8-7 win, then UCF fought back to a 1-0 snoozefest 12-inning debacle on Saturday.

The big question with an early start on Sunday is which team brings the energy to get out to a fast start and plate some runs. In my mind, throwing out all the rankings and expectations, it is always tough for a road team to not be looking forward to the trip back home on Sunday afternoon.

Additionally, the Rebels will be without leader Kevin Graham who reportedly jammed his wrist or hand on Saturday and is being evaluated Sunday morning.

How in the world Calvin Harris doesn’t crack the line-up after his hot start astounds me, but we’ll see if he gets a pinch hit look later in the game. If you’re not in the Orlando area, pick up the game on ESPN+ to stream it live.

Projected Starter

Sunday 11 a.m. CT

Ole Miss: RHP Drew McDaniel, 2-0, 2.70 ERA

UCF: LHP Hunter Patteson, 2-0, 0.00 ERA