Looking Up Upon Out 2023 Football Schedule

I Might Be Worried


Ill just skim over this rough schedule and predict our record next season

Week1: Mercer

Nothing to see here

Week2: Tulane

Interesting start to the season against a good tulane team

Week3: Georgia Tech

Can close this home-and-home 2-0

Week4: Alabama

Rough game this early into the season

Week5: LSU

We can face them at home this time

Week6: Arkansas

Our Annual heart attack.

Week7: BYE

Week8: Auburn

The Freeze bowl part 2

Week9: Vanderbilt

A win even though thier getting better

Week10: Texas a&m

Kiffin can be 3-0 vs the cult

Week11: Georgia

A ROUGH away name no matter if were good nor bad.

Week12: Louisiana Monroe

Can be 3-0 vs Louisiana teams this season

Rivalry Week: Mississippi State

A away game with fans using cowbells that shouldn't even be allowed.

overall i think we go 10-2 based on how young most of out talent is but we will se what the transfer portal says these next few months


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