To Bowl or Not To Bowl

Man Nashville would’ve been a lot easier than Houston. But when you finish 1-4 you can’t pick. I’m already leaving 1/2 for Disney so do I really load up the 7 yo on 12/27 and road trip this? TBD. Tickets and hotels are cheap as of last night. Hmmm

Yall made ol WCBI fella delete his Twitter y’all should be ashamed

Drive by Swayze if you’re in town. Gonna look a lot different soon. The band field behind it is being redone too. That campus construction $ is flowing.

#BreakingNews - the US sucks in soccer. Turns out countries that literally put a ball at their kids feet straight out of the womb have an advantage over us. But y’all come out some pads on and try to tackle a 6-3 220 lb running back running a 4.4 and let me know how it goes Netherlands.

You got your tree up? We did decorations yesterday finally.

Any special things you’re doing as part of the Christmas season?

Been deer hunting much?

That’s enough. Frick off (this site and new regs suck have room for improvement).

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